Cheapo B3 chargers

I’ve always wondered, how do those cheap B3 chargers work. Do they somehow set the amperage automatically or do they just charge all your battery’s at the same amperage. If so, how do your battery’s not explode after using tjem.?

The outputs are 800mah, so it’s down to the user to with our the C rating. If you have an 800mah battery, it would charge at an 1hr at 1C. If you decided to put on a 650mah battery it would be charged at 1.2C. if you put on a 400mah batt, is be 2c etc etc. The onus is on the user to work out the charge rate, it’s a “dumb” charger just pushing out current until the IC detects resistance. I wouldn’t recommend them as I like to control my charging as if you decide to put a small capacity lipo then you’re likely to put too much current in, heat it too much and cause a fire.

Alright thanks, I used to use them but not anymore. I’m really glad I discovered parallel charging.