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Charging question


I have 8 for the following batteries;

I want to charge as many as possible on a B6 mini charger.

The thought I had was this:


http://www.buddyrc.com/jst-series-charge-cable.html - JST Series Charge Cable X3 and
http://www.buddyrc.com/parallel-charge-cable-jst-plug-x6.html - Parallel Charge Cable - JST Plug X6

Will this set-up work to charge 6 at a time, then the other two?


Hmm I’m not sure if that would work because the power leads and balance leads are separate. I have no experience with that but what I know does work is a parallel charging board:

*or this one with the banananana plugs: https://www.banggood.com/nl/Amass-XT60-Plug-Parallel-Charging-Board-Charger-Adapter-Plate-p-950883.html

With a bunch of adapters: https://www.banggood.com/1-Pair-XT60-Male-Female-Plug-To-JST-Plug-Adapter-Connector-p-1075493.html

The advantage of using the charging board is you can use it for different types of batteries, and it has a fuse for protection. And you can use it to parallel charge the remaining two batteries as well.

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Well, not sure where I went wrong with the above set-up but I killed three batteries.

So I am going to take more time getting into 2+s set-ups. I looked into chargers akin to my HTRC X4 Micro and I’m not looking to pour another chunk money into a 2s version and not comfortable charging more than one at a time and even then I’m feeling a bit gunshy.

It’s rather alarming to see a battery swell in seconds and all that kept coming to mind was that they might blow while I was scrambling to disconnect them.


Which setup? JBFPV’s? What did you buy and how did you charge the batteries?


With the jumper plugged in, plugged into two batteries, 300MaH 25c 2S and a 2S x2 balancing cable.

That was plugged into a banana plug extension to the xt60 plug in my b6 mini clone.