Charging half mAh solo


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I have 650mAh batteries and I wanted to charge just one but my charger only goes up by 100s. I imagine that 600 will not give the battery a full charge and 700 would be too much, is that the right thought?


It’ll charge to its full capacity with either setting.


Yes it will just take slightly longer at 600mah, 700 is fine too. Doesn’t matter much. In general charging a battery at 1c (in your case 650mah) takes around an hour. At 600 it would be like 1 hour 5 minutes, at 700 around 55 minutes. If you are in a hurry, you could charge them relatively safely at 2c (1300mah) and it would take around 30 minutes. Charging slower is better for your batteries lifespan. But it also has to be practical. Some people charge at crazy rates like 5c without issues, however I would never dare to try that. I charge at 1c, sometimes 2c if I’m in a hurry and just accept it might cost me a few cycles of lifetime. As you can hear the difference between 600 and 700 mah is pretty insignificant, so don’t worry bro! :wink:


Both Chaofix and JBFPV are correct and they agree with each other. Most new batteries are rated to be charged at 2C. Look at the specs to verify, but even charging it at 700ma will not harm it. Relax and enjoy.


I’m not worried about how fast I charge since I have plenty of batteries and fly at home, so charging can go on between flights.


You’re not setting the battery capacity on the charger, you’re setting the charge rate. People match charge rate to capacity (1C) just as a guideline. You can charge at 200mA if you want