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Channels not moving in receiver tab in betaflight



Hi, I’m new to the forum. I usually don’t post anything just research similar problems, but this has me stumped.

I have an oversky micro scisky f3 brushed frx that I have successfully bound to my taranis qx7. I’m following this guide for the scisky. However, when I go into the receiver tab in betaflight I’m not getting any movements.

My setup so far:

  • Taranis bound in d8 mode (tried 1-8 channels and 1-6 channels)
  • Latest version of betaflight
  • Latest SPRACINGF3EVO firmware (tried a couple older versions to rule it out)
  • Serial Rx set to UART2 (tried a few others)
  • Serial based receiver with SBUS provider
  • TAER channel map (tried AETR too)
  • Tried sbus inversion both on and off

The only thing that seems to even do anything is when I use SPEKTRUM1024 or 2048 the channels in the receiver tab will jump around randomly, and they’re affected by my radio input.

Like I said I’m not sure where to go from here, so any help is very much appreciated.


Could be a Betaflight version issue with OpenTX.

I have just had the same issue on three FC I upgraded to the latest version and had to downgrade them to 3.2 version for the FCs to acknowledge the transmitter.


Try ppm, nobody uses these any more so good info is sketchy. Most reviews are terrible too with trouble getting the rx part to work being the main complaint.


I just tried downgrading the firmware to 3.2 and a few others and nothing seemed to change. Also tried PPM with a few configurations and no luck there. Are you thinking the board needs replaced? I mean it binds and can pick up something when it’s set to spektrum, so I was thinking it was working fine, but maybe it isn’t setup right for frsky.


Well it’s most likely not a firmware region missmatch if you are US so we can rule that out. The uart you get response with on spektrum confirms the correct uart. Can you get back to that stage, uart and spektrum. Then change that uart to MSP and try ppm at D8. Have you tried D16?


Yes, I’m in the US. PPM with UART to MSP didn’t work, I’m double checking there’s nothing I have to enable in my radio like the flysky to use PPM, but I don’t think there is. I’m not able to bind at all with d16. I think the board is only for d8?


I know virtually nothing about frsky, but I can tell you the scisky in dsm was serial … which was quite a diamond in the rough of most other integrated dsm boards being ppm.


I’m in the same boat as the OP. Bought this little guy from getfpv and also using Frsky Taranis QX7, I’ve tried about 10 different firmwares and every setting and combination I can think of… but it’s always the same, nothing shows in rx tab… has anyone gotten this to work with frsky tx?


Hi I’m having these issues since day 1. I was about to throw everything through the window a couple of times, but it still intrigues me…

The only consistent and repeatable way for me to get it flying (I have tried 100 combinations, just like you) is:

  • flash BF 3.0.1
  • set SERIAL RX + SPEK1024


Does anybody know, what this SCISCKY company even is? Is it alive, does it have ANY support at all?


The Scisky is old tech sort of. It has been a while since they sort of got overrun by all the newer stuff, about 2 years ago. There are retailers selling them but I believe this is old stock and there were a few variants of them under different names like Quannum. I do not think there was ever a specific manufacturer because even when they were new, there was very little info out there to be found on how they worked.


Yeah, that’s what I thought; I guess it is a bit last year yea…I bought it cause it was on a mad sale :D…well it flies heheh

In contrast, I just bought a Beebrain Lite :slight_smile: hope it’s a bit less disappointing