Change of props made the quad unflyable

Hello recently I broke my last pair of props on my modded DM002 frame with H8 mini FC in it and I change the props with Walkera Qr Ladybird one. That takes to huge osculations even trying to hoover it and make it unflyable.
I’m not and expert of tuning that’s why I’m writing here for some help. Never understand the PIDs and filters and never change them consciously so I guess I have to change maybe PIDs , filters or maybe both of them. New props are same size as old but some how made from softer plastic. Can this be the reason? FC is soft mounted also and I’m trying this in angle mode.
Uploading a picture of old and new props (old one on the left).


Are you running silverware ? One of the few times I had oscillations was due to bent motorshafts after a crash. Have you checked if the axles are ok?

What I usually do is take the motor incl prop out of the holder and hold it in my hand, then throttle up and if you feel it vibrate it is probably a bent prop or shaft.

The white blade having a more rounded tip vs the orange blade being a blunt flat tip. I have only played with this idea with geared kwads. Also the orange blades are a lil shorter. No better time bro tuning can be scary keep your adjustments small, check motor temps constantly while tuning and be patient with it bro.

Not a bend shaft. I swapped motors, frame and FC. I already ordered other props but it it will be good if I can tune with this. The problems is that there is no tutorial or steps what variable what is changing so I can follow.

Watch 1st

Tons of walkthrough type tuts. Here on mmw

Props might be out of balance. You should check that first. It’s well worth the few minutes it takes. I was struggling with a couple of builds a few months ago and ended up learning how to balance the props and what do you know that was my problem all along with both of them. I was using some of those ladybird props on one. Could have saved myself hours if I just tried that in the first place. I balance all my props now.


Take each motor/prop combo, hold the can between finger and thumb, blow down on the prop. It should spin freely and smoothly, you will feel any slight imbalance, that will be your problem.

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Put a pin in the prop and hold it sideways like a plane and slowly freewheel it to see if its out of balance. I layer clear tape on the flattest side to balance the weight. Unbalanced props cause lots of issues its worth getting them right.

You can also carefully hold the quad in your hand on minimum throttle and tilt it diagonally for autolevel to spin up each prop and feel the vibrations coming through. It should be really minimal.

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