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Carnage: Failed 180


Full throttle missed 180 smack against my home wall. FC, Frame, and Props are all doing well.

Practice, Practice, Practice, Oh, and those props rip bawlz, not a scratch! DM007

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No good. Sorry for you.
I always think if riding the motors that high out of the mounts could cause some strong suboptimal forces because of lever principle.
But if the crash is hard enough this is the way it looks :weary:.
Most of it is alive - fix it and keep going.

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Hi. I cry for you…:disappointed_relieved::sob:

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All white propellers to hide the crimes of wall crashes?

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@raven I never thought of it that way, good to know :wink:



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@Jtwalkz Right on! dude, wasn’t pretty.



@chrisdo thanks. I ride the motors high like that .5mm or so from bottom of these mounts. They have built in design curve for landing feet on these mounts.

It’s overall extremely responsive. Maybe a little bit too much so in this case lol. Anyway, put a new mount and soldered a new motor and connector plus re calibrated the acc and I’m back in the air.

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