Carbon X Frame?

Glad to see one of you guys finally pick up on these frames that I told you about a while ago now :smiley:

Looks really nice @chrisdo I will be contacting mj666 Michael shortly to get myself a new years present. I deserve it :smiley: Well I think I do


@pedro147: Yes man.
Somehow funny that a german guy like me needs an aussie like you to find great stuff in his own country.
Thx again.
I love the mmw community :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:. Period.


@chrisdo, That comrade you bought that from is one very smart guy too. Would like to see him in here. He has done a lot for the brushed community and it has mostly been done incognito behind the scenes. If you search the threads you will find his posts on mutiwii and rcgroups that let you know what he has been up to. I am a total hack compared to mj666 and what he has done. I have mass respect for him although have never communicated directly just followed what he has been doing. For those of you that are curious, look at the link @chrisdo posted and read through that thread. He doesn’t just make the frames he also builds and programs, essentially an all around wiz with the micro brushed builds from scratch and programming the firmware from what I have read around his posts. He is the one responsible for helping do the cleanflight firmware for the alienwii and many other things.

Sent Micheal a link to this thread.
Hopefully we will “see” him here.


Yes @chrisdo it is like when I was looking to buy my Fatsharks. I was looking all over the world for the best price etc, when suddenly I came across a quad business operating in a small country town a half hours drive from my home. I cannot remember how I worked out that it was so close but I did. Totally blew me away :smiley:

Thanks for the compliments above. I have opened an thread at RCG a while ago. This can be used to discus AlienWii/Alienflight related issues.

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Nice to have you here.
Wish you nice holidays.

I’m about to pull the trigger on one of mj666’s X frames in mid January. I had been eyeing up this frame ever since he posted about it on AutoQuad’s forums several months back. At that point, I was going to use the AQ M4 as my flight controller with this frame. I have since decided that I would use an M4 and and AQ6 both for larger projects. I have an extra Beefs Brushed that I feel is better suited to micros. AutoQuad is better suited to larger craft where stability and GPS is required.

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Hello @mj666, and welcome to the Party :tada:

I’m still running your Devo model file for AlienWii :wink:

Can I get a copy @MasterRC_sTudenT :wink: I have a Devo 7e. That would be for the deviation firmware right? I tried using an ini from the Deviation forum and ran into some issues and well I will admit it I am still a retard when it comes to the Tx and my time always is a thorn in the side.

@madman1412, Yes, Deviation flashed TX. You can copy and paste into text plus and name it whatever model # you have available.

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Thanks @MasterRC_sTudenT. I had seen that you posted that a few weeks ago and then I wanted to set up this devo and forgot where it might be. This should make life a lot easier for me. :grinning:

I recently bought one of these frames. Love the design. Just got it today. I will say one thing… I think @mj666 should reconsider a redesign of the motor mounts. I’ve been fighting with this thing for over an hour now. It shouldn’t be this hard to get a motor into the mount and then the mount into the frame. Everything is way too snug. I’m going to have to use a circular file to make things fit easier.

Like I said, the frame looks dope though. I’m sure it’ll be a blast to fly once I can get the damn thing together.

What exactly are the flight chararistics compared to a H and a X. I have a carbon H and it seems more sluggish in response imho compared to my polycarb x but idk.

The difference between X and H Frame is the location of the center of gravity.
On a X frame the heavy parts are ligned up close to the center of the frame. This fact results in a better dynamic spin characteristic by its own physics. The spin momentum is smaller on an X designed Frame compared to an H designed frame. You recognize the difference in fast speed turns. The FC is not able to provide a big momentum on a quad.


The motor mount are this tight by intention and result of an optimization process. The printing of this mounts will give you 0.3mm accuracy. From my experience if the are not fixed in the frame the clips will break during crashes this is not the case anymore with the tight fit. To mount them in the frame you should Be sure to remove the reminder from the connection between the mounts. this will make them push in more easy. various types of motors have different tolerances. I had earlier versions where I need to take tesa tape to mount motors tightly and this was very annoying. I needed to mount sometimes 2 or 3 times before I got it right. more details and tips how to mount the frames will be in the Multiwii thread.

I understand the reason for the tightness. I just had to make modifications to get everything together. Plus things weren’t easy and I even broke the larger clips on each of the motor mounts. Two were by accident and the other two were on purpose to match the first two. I was really frustrated at this moment. Such is life in the world of DIY.

I’m not sure what you mean by this. Are you saying that if you left the motor mounts not fully mounted that the clips would break in flight? Do you mean to make the clips flat? I ended up doing this. I’ll explain.

This is how I had to put the frame together to get it to work… I first inserted the motors into the mounts lining up the wires first. This was quite difficult, but I’d push them in with a hex driver similar to what @chrisdo used, which is pictured earlier in the thread. Next, I used a small sanding wand to remove the outer edge of the remaining clips. Finally, I used a circular file to remove some material from the frame itself. Using the same tool that I used for the motors, I was able to force the mounts into the frame.

Will the mounts slip out? Most likely, but I used some fun tak to hopefully keep them in place. If that doesn’t work I’ll use some hot glue to get them to stay in place.

This is the complete wrong way. I described how to do it here.

The motor will lock the clips in the frame. If you mount the motors first this is the reason why you broke them. Without the clips the motormounts only hold in the frame by friction which is not good enought. It is an very tight fit an during first mounting you need a bit force but it will finaly fit. I have build lots of them and never need any modification. With the motor you need to be carful to not press on the axis.

Yes, you are correct. I did it the wrong way from what you described. However, I was trying to do it the right way and this is when the clips broke. So I ended up doing it the way I described above.

With some flying the mounts seem to be staying in place. One is a little looser than the others. Perhaps, I’ll use some hot glue on them to keep 'em in place. Otherwise, how much are you selling replacement motor mounts for?

The frames and also spare mounts can be found here:

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