Carbon Micro X-Quad

Time for somthing new.

This is the new Micro X Quad

MTM : 135 mm
Weight: 11,8 Gramm

This frame is also prepared for the new Cam holder.



So this looks interesting, where can I get one?
How does it hold up? You flying one? With what?

Nice looking frame.
Good work @t_schoepper.

@Kamsleo69 look here

Yes sir
Thanks just found the stealth thread and his website as well. So many choices, gonna have to build them all!

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I’m building at this time one of the new Micro X Quad and write something to this on my blog page and of course in this thread.

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@jayson, fantastic
Very interested to see what you come up with. I’ll be looking forward to your build.

Hi my build is finished and i’m ready to fly… :wink: Yesterday we have wonderful weather, so that i have made a short fpv video of the new micro-x quad. I like the quad, he is very sporty and flips&rolls are really easy to fly. More Information and my Setup you can find on my blogpage:

Today i had bad luck, i wanted to fly in the afternoon and after the first Round i hit the fence and the copter has fallen into the pool… :frowning: Maybe he has survive it… After I brought the quad out of the pool, the Motors are still running, so i had take off the lipo… hopefully he is alive…

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Give the board a good chance to dry out. Put the whole quad in a bag of dry rice and sit in a sunny window for a few days. That should absorb any moisture from the system. Hopefully it will survive.

Hi, thanks for your advice… :wink: That is exactly what i have done the last three days. I tested it right now and he is alive… :smile: :slight_smile: everything is working so fare… I’m really suprised, that nothing is broken… Only the wire for the lipo must have something, because sometimes, if i move the wire, the current break up.

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