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Carbon Micro H-Quad goes brushless


Since the Micro H-Quad released, the frame was very popular for brushed setups for a long time.

The brushless technic entered the micro market more and more. So it was time for some modications for usage
brushless setups on the Micro Carbon Frames. In this thread I will show further modification and upgrades for all Micro Carbon Frames.

The first step is an new motor mount for 0703 and 0705 motors.

If you want to convert the Micro H-Quad to brushless, here you can download the file https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2534834

This mount also suits to Micro X-Quad, Micro Hexa aun Micro stealth.

The mounts will included to all kits.



That’s brilliant! Can’t believe I didn’t think of that! :+1:


Wow! Thats awesome. How thick is that frame? It looks kinda thin.



Great frame tho!


1 mm carbon fibre is thick enough for a light brushless setup with 0703/0705 Motors.

It’ s possibel to place stacked each other a tiny FC and also a tiny 4in1 ESC between the top and bottom plate.
I will show that, when I get all the ordered mounting parts.