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Carbon frames for brushed from BG?


Hey guys thought I’d share. Saw these in RC groups. Worth a try ??



Damn. That’s interesting.
Was only a matter of time till BG would jump onto the train.
CFK ok. PCB material, hmmh :thinking:.

What I miss is how to mount the motors on those frames. No rubber grommets or the like included.


The 120mm X-frame looks interesting. I know you’re from germany @chrisdo, you can get those rubber grommets here for example: http://amzn.to/1XmV9qB


Nice. I always wondered how those grommets are called in German.
Would be nice if BG would give us the exact diameter of the motor holes.
If somebody here order them, please let us know.

Never used frames with those grommet style mounts. Read a lot of not so good things about this way to mount motors. But there are also some advantages like absorption of vibrations if you have proper grommets, I think.

Anyway, I have enough frames laying around so no need for me to buy another one for now.


Why would PCB material be bad? Just wondering as I just ordered one…:grin:
With regards to the grommets: I don’t really like them, as the motors tend change position. When they are not perfectly vertical it obviously changes flight characteristics & available power (at least I think so…)


One of the pictures seems to show that the motors are a direct fit in the frame…


Didn’t say that this material is bad.
Just wondering how good/durable it is. Never heard of frames made out of that stuff.

If you receive yours, let us know how it works to gather deeper knowledge of this question.

About the photos of motor mounting you’re right.

Time will tell how these frames perform and if it’s a good idea to hold motors with just a 2mm CFK mount/hole.


ah ok, misunderstood that part of your post :slightly_smiling_face:

When it arrives I’ll make sure to share my thoughts. May take a while as restock was expected for 23/5 and then shipping from CN…


Wow finally BG has brushed frames! Been waiting for this really. Might order one as well. Thanks for sharing :slight_smile:


man it’s out of stock now will restock on 27th :frowning: that’s fast!


Received the PCB-frame.
Seemed quite solid and I like the design. Some draw-backs though:

  • the motors are not tight enough: They fly off on their own. A bit of scotch tape around every motor resolved that.
  • seems a bit heavier than CF for the same size
  • quite some flexibility in the frame. Whether that’s good or bad…
  • difficult to mount fpv stuff

Cannot say anything about durability though at the moment.


I’m building this frame and parts… my recipe here - https://goo.gl/3roFRq


Some flights in now and I cannot recommend the pcb-frame. Too much flex in the frame and the motors are not kept well in place. They tend to get out of vertical line. Especially where the gap is in the frame around the motors, the parts shift out of line resulting in misalignment of the motors
in short: Don’t buy…
Ah well, we gotta try :blush:


marblekit those props are hopeless and the camera/vtx while good are fragile, I’ve gone through 2 in as many weeks after crashing in long grass.


I really like those vtx/cam combos.
To make them more crash resistant it’s a good idea to mod them.

Used a cable tie and hot glue. Somehow messy, not my cleanest job. Also added some weight, it’s 6g now, but better than destroying the combo.


Yep, I’m going with Hubsan props and a different vtx camera setup.

New photo by Albert Kim (marblekit)

Wrong props in the photo. Maiden soon…


Look at this cute little guy I found…

BEE-90 90mm Carbon Fiber DIY Micro FPV RC Quadcopter Frame Kit Support 8520 Coreless Motor


I have also been looking at the bee90. Cant decide if i like it or not.


So a year later for this animal and I have yet to damage the frame, still flies great! I opened up the holes on the arms to accept 8mm brushed motors and fly it w/o top plate because my ANFG FC is too big.


Very sleek i like