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Can't turn with tilted motors


I’m building a 115mm and I designed a frame with tilted motors. I set up tilted motors by going in FC gyro and made it 30° (because my FC is 45° offset) and the quad hovers with me only having to pull back a bit. But when I try to turn it just goes out of control and fail-safes, in acro mode and stable it does this. I don’t know if a set something up wrong. The FC is brand new. Does anyone know what’s up?


Hi, do you have a picture of the quad? Typically tilted motors and rotated fc both need their own seperate setting in betaflight.


Yeah, my first custom frame so it looks like dog shit.

Yeah I know I used computer standoffs…


Don’t worry about looks, the best quad is the one you’ve got.

As for the angles, the motors look to be tilted about 15 degrees forward? Then put 15 degrees as the board alignment pitch value into betaflight.
I cannot see how your fc is mounted but if the arrow points to the front you need 0 degrees of yaw board alignment.
After this put the quad so the motors point straight up and calibrate accelerometer, then take the quad in your hand and see if the preview picture in betaflight behaves the same as the actual quad when you tilt it in every direction.


Also, please post a picture of the bottom, it looks like the front right motor is plugged in o the rear right motor plug on the fc.


My FC is 45° offset from the arrow. I put that in a while back and it works. But I read somewhere that if you have a 0° offset you need -15 if you have a 45° offset you need +30 and if you have a 90° offset you need +15 , I’m not sure if that’s true, but I did it and I have the yaw problem



It’s exactly 45° offset, I measured with a protractor.


Hey, this is a crazy project. Ever wonder why commercially available quads don’t have this kind of set up? :grinning:
Seriously though, set your board yaw angle correctly so the image in Betaflight configurator set up page follows your movements correctly then test fly without any motor angle changes from default. If it flys reasonably well then add 15° tilt to pitch axis. Don’t believe all the info you read else where btw!


Ah I see, then you need board alignment of yaw 45 pitch 11 and roll 11 degrees, pitch and roll alignment are seen as from the original reference frame of the fc


What’s the roll for? I really should have not added tilted motors to my design…


If you take the quad and look at it in the direction of the arrow on the fc (looking from rear left to front right motor) you will see the motors are angled equally both fwd and to the right, both angles are the angle of the motors looking from the side divided by the square root of 2, in your case 15/sqrt2 is 10.6 degrees


Wow… That’s a lot of math. Did anyone tell you how smart you are??? Im 20 and can barely comprehend how you figured that out… I think I have to get going on khann academy…


I’m here just figuring out how to get the offset of a sqaure with a protractor while you already past early maths in khann academy


Gyro angle information is processed first so the complex solution to pitch axis shouldn’t need to be applied really. Try what I advised first. Though this is all experimental fun anyway.


It’s all about the reference frame, there might be a negative required for one or more angle but looking at the preview in betaflight should sort that out. The suggestion by @Chaotix looks like a good place to start and rule out other issues


It’s all very good brain exercise when you start messing with set up, every time I build with pusher props it takes a while to process the concept properly. I’ve run a quad with a vertical fc, try that one day when you’re bored :grinning:


Verticle FC… Why would anyone ever even get the idea to do that…


I mean it sound kinda fun to configure in betaflight but, man I just wanna know how it will fly.


Just got to test crazy ideas, didn’t fly that well but it was a short frame with bad flight characteristics from the start.
Btw you’re failsafe is Betaflights anti taz safety feature kicking in, it causes instant failsafe if the quad behaves unusually to commands or gyro data is off in some way, immediately on arming. Saved may a finger/face with bigger quads.