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Can't get HGLRC out of boot mode


I was upgrading to the latest version of Betaflight. I typed BL in the CLI to put my board in to bootloader mode, flashed the latest version of betaflight. Unpluged from usb, pluged back in and went into the betaflight software. everyting looks normal, except my accelerometer is not active / working. Is my board stuck in bootloader mode?


If you‘re seeing a com port (instead if DFU, upper right side of BF configurator) and can connect to BF everything should work.
Is your accelerometer activated in configuration tab (slider under system configuration)?


Yep, I’m seeing a com port when I reconnect. The slider under system config is on. The model does not move around the screen when I tilt it & the option to calibrate it is not available.


Did you flash the correct target for the board? Sounds like it can’t detect the gyro correctly maybe, try flashing again with full chip erase selected.


Thanks for the responses, so far no luck. Double checked that I did have the right target selected.