Can you suggest a frame for the new AIO_F3


It’s just arrived at my city post office.

It’s a bit longer fc so I’m looking for a frame to fit along with 8520 motors. I like frames with canopy, like the king Kong q100 but it’s too small for the fc. Any suggestion?

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Another fav of mine,

Sentimental and all that

I’m sure you can come in under 62,
This is her bottom plate w a diy FPV backpack and Scisky:

I was just considering using my Micro-H, purchased from @jayodas. I think I’m still going to follow through with my Reggae Shark, and then maybe the Micro-H.

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Win-win, as I see it
I just received a shark today as a matter of fact, that’s awesome.
I have it slated for an Alien :alien:!
I have it on good authority we are in good hands w this frame.

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Let me know how you like that FC… it has built in RX for all types?

There is frsky, flsky and dsm2 variant

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This is interesting and… I’m thinking if can carry a Runcam 3 :slight_smile:

Well with my 62g I was ripping it up w 0820-15 and -17’s
Now there’s the beastly-18’s

I 'd love to mount this FC ! I will wait for restock and I will use on Armattan production MFC8100 100MM FRAME

It is a shame this FC don’t let use 2S lipo !! Which FC do you suggest for 2S brushed flight ? I wan’t to try this :grinning:

This is a 2S FC

$9 120mm cf frame

AndyRC has just done a review of a rotoriousfpv frame with this fc in it. His experience with 2 versions of it are bad, he can’t recommend these fcs.

@vinz486 Thanks for your info!
@ahlod As I can see you used SPF3 EVO + FRSKY receiver. I think I will take the 2S F3_EVO_BRUSHED that vinz486 intruduced with Frsky buit in Receiver (maybe I will get less range but I will save on space and weight)

@Chaotix This review is bad point for this AIO F3 ! I hope they will arrange V2 fast… I was expecting to test it but I delay my purchase now…