Can somebody tell me is this FPV drone setup possible?

Is this setup possible: Eachine h8s board + these motors ( )+this frame( )
I mean will h8s board work with these motors, and will it have the power to fly normally. I would add AIO camera+500 mAh 3.7 1s battery+65mm propellers.

I think the board would end up snapping in a crash bro. Yes it’s possible, with a lil modification
But check this out
Built by 1 of the best companies for c.f. frames

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Alienwhoop ZERO , Bwhoop , E011c + BOSS 8 and yes it would work and be less expensive and work way better ! but its just my opinion :slight_smile:

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First of all, thank you guys for fast response :slight_smile: @g4m3fre4k On which modification did you mean, reducing the number of rates in flashed software, or? I would like advice on how to not ruin my build, I got idea from this clip, but didn’t find how actually he did it:

@tarkux I already ordered all the parts, I didn’t think anybody will answer me, its so hard to find anything about my topic. I take I chance to risk. But great advice I will try it in the future for sure.

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I use these engines and they work perfect!
the others do not have enough strength, the drone can not lift. I already passed and I had to change them. These are the ones that worked best for me at the moment.

I leave photos of my last quad

@leandro Thank you, you made me so happy right now :slight_smile:
Did you used these motors with h8s or h8 board? Is this quad on pictures that you posted build you are talking about? Because board on this pics isn’t red(eachine h8s board is red).
And if you used eachine H8S board did you done some modification(flashing new firmware) or did it worked on stock firmware? :slight_smile:

I will post all the parts that I ordered, and leave updates when parts arrive and when I build it. Also if somebody has any suggestion about modifications on the firmware that will make this build better I would be grateful.

These are the parts:

Eachine h8s board + this frame, props, and motors ( ) + this AIO camera ( )

I use this fc

with betaflight .a mini rx of frsky.
It works perfect!!!

anything you ask me
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The frame itself may need a lil modification. I had to cut a lil off the back of my hood to get the syma x5c fc in.
I like nfe silverware for my brushed. Wanna try on brushless.
I use Bf for my brushless kwads

@g4m3fre4k Oh, I get it, I am not worried about frame modifications, I have much experience with that. I was worried about motors to ruin the h8s board, or motors to won’t work at all in this setup.

If there is somebody who did exactly what I am trying(solder 8520 motors on h8s board) I would like to here experience about that.

My bad m8 I started typing mid thought

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A little update on my post for people who might try to make a similar quad as I am building right now. I was concerned that my board will not support 8.5mm motors, but now I am sure they do!!
Since floureon h101 and eachine h8s have exactly the same board I would post where the guy makes 8.5 mm work with these boards.
Here is the link: