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Camera malfunction horrible range


By accident I flew my Inductrix Pro without the antenna. I did not realize it was missing since it was the short nylon sheathed wire. It must have broken off during a crash.

I soldered a dipole 5.8 ghz to it and it has a range of 20ft. I then tried to use just a single wire to it cut to the same length as the nylon sheathed wire I found after searching the living room floor. It lost signal at 10ft.

I enjoyed 200’+, horizontal before this.

I read an article that you can fry the camera not having the antenna.

But the batteries Im running are probably end of life.

I suspect camera is fried. The fpv goggles work great with my other quads.

It is the stock camera that came with the Inductrix Pro. Any upgrades?

Thanks for any help.


The vtx will definitely be fried. With no antenna, the power has no place to go, so… poof! Magic smoke


Yup. Running it without an antenna will fry it pretty fast. I’d just look for another 25mW camera as a replacement.


Thanks for the confirmation. Got one on order. Lower profile.