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Camera and VTx for a low profile whoop


Hi there, about to build a low profile rider ( JJRC H67 Flying Santa + NFE/Silverware) and been thinking on using this camera 1000TVL 1/4 CMOS FOV170 because of its light weight (1.2g) and 1000 TVL

I wonder if the 170 FOV, is too much? Because there is this other camera which is slightly heavier (2g) but has a 120 FOV.

Or a King Kong, with 150 FOV, but only 800 TVL

Any recommendations about a good and light VTX? I had in mind the Eachine VTX03 which can switch power (25, 50 and 200 mW) but maybe for a whoop would be enough the VTX01 which is only 25mW?

Thanks :slight_smile:


My 7mm whoops run the same camera with a runcam tx200 vtx, light, 25 and 200mw switchable and quite accurately tuned. One zip tie for a @chaotix style light camera mount and another tiny zip tie to raise the antenna up by 45 degrees.

You might need to add a small smd resistor between video and ground as the cameras I had did not match the impedance of the vtx so the picture was blown out, a 100 ohm resistor fixed that.


Thanks Edwin, the Runcam TX20 is just 2.5g, even lighter than the Eachine VTX03 ( 2.97g).
But, I’m not sure I have the soldering skills to deal with an smd resistor; I’m still waiting for my soldering iron :blush:


A normal resistor would be fine as well, I just picked a smd because of weight and I had them lying around. But perhaps the current batch of cameras do not need a resistor.

Oh and I am sure it was the camera as I tried a vtx03 as well and that had the same blown out picture.

Good luck with your build


Do you think the reason of the impedance mismatch may be the camera being CMOS?


I don’t think so, other cmos cameras in the past did not require a resistor and had a great picture, I suspect it was just an issue with this specific camera or batch of cameras I received.

i got the idea from this video : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QUdGGHi5YWY though my picture was a lot more washed out to begin with.


This might be an option. It comes with the camera connected by wires (not the board) to the vtx shown.


https://www.getfpv.com/lumenier-sm-25-25mw-micro-vtx-dipole-antenna.html not sure if it’s compatible, but it’s small and on sale cheap! Just ordered a few…


thanks for that! just FYI, there is a U.FL version on sale as well for the same price


The Caddx Beetle all-in-one is only 3g including antenna. Not sure if its low profile enough or if you want front mounting? It’s probably better to keep the camera in the centre of the quad for weight distribution


Hmm, good camera but quite expensive, and the camera board is soldered to the VTX. I’ve heard good things about that camera but not suitable for a low profile.

On other note, I have my eye on a Beta65S or a Beta65 Pro 1s (brushless), both come with that camera in a nice mount; the FC on these 2 whoops are nice too (F4), and the reviews about these whoops are awesome. But they’re a bit expensive, and I also find more satisfaction in building myself, even if it’s not gonna look so nice.


Yes, the problem with that one is that the board the camera is mounted on is a bit bigger, so I’m not sure it will fit in the front of the frame. It comes attached to the VTX but I guess it can be desoldered from it.

There’s also the Caddx firefly, with 1200TVL and with the VTX split from the camera. It all weights just 4.2gr and comes in several versions (4:3 and 16:9, and PAL and NTSC; Not switchable) The camera board looks quite small too, perfect for fitting it in the gap in the front of the frame. Maybe someone here have experience with this one on a low profile whoop? It looks quite promising…


That is a sweet VTX, but I’m not in the States, so have it delivered would cost me twice more that the VTX itself :confused:


I found 3 videos reviewing the Caddx Firefly:

The camera looks oversaturated when outside, and a bit noisy/grainy…

On the other hand, this video shows the Caddx Beetle v1, and it looks quite better, even with less specs. Has anyone used that camera in a low profile?


I’ve had mixed results with the small cams you linked. There seem to be many versions and it’s kinda random which one you get. Give this one a try: Cyclops; perfect form factor, ok quality, cheap

You can also get the cam seperate if you want to match it with VTX03 for 200mw power:

Most of my vids have been with this cam: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e7s2xjQrf1o


Wow, JBeeFPV, man your videos are the reason I’m building a low profile whoop to flash with Silverware (didn’t even know what these things were before that). I’m totally new to this world, received my controller bit more than 2 weeks ago, been flying just in the simulator. At the moment waiting for my Flying Santa, a soldering iron and stuff like that.

Whoops are no doubt what attracts me the most, 5 inches not so much. Watching the Tiny Whoop invitational, your videos and a couple more other awesome pilots whose names I don’t remember at the moment, it’s what got me hooked into this thing.

Anyway, I just ordered today that KingKong 800TVL that I mentioned in my 1st post with the VTX03(20$ both), but the next one will be the Turbowing, no doubt, probably will get 2, with VTX and without.

Thanks man, keep rolling the way you do, it’s inspiring :wink:


That’s great to hear man! Always makes me happy to hear I’ve had an impact. Especially if it involves the dark side (e011, Silverware, DIY) because it can save you a lot of $$$ and provide a superior flight experience to the more expensive betaflight fc’s. Whilst it definitely has a learning curve, you’ll be happy in the long run! :smile::+1: