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Calibrating accelerometer


I just bought BETAFPV Beta65s Lite and im setting it up on Jumper T8SG V2,I understand the gestures when changing acro to lvl quick flashes then solid.Well when i go to calibrating accelerometer it blinks slow a few times and unbinds i have to turn off quad and transmitter and turn back on .IS that normal? Or is there something wrong its been doing it sense i bought it and cant really get an answer out of there site.Can someone please help or maybe a fix if there is a prob.Thanx


I have had the same issue with both of my 65lite boards. I am going to attempt to flash NFE fork of silverware soon and that will tell if it’s in the hex of the lite. I never had issue with accelerometer but did want to increase PID via stick gestures and got same response with the save gesture


Wow thanks so much for the info,are there a lot of boards doing it do you know or a small percentage.And I also never have had a prob with stability just in case hard crash.So it won’t save PID either interesting.let me know please his that flash goes.


I have seen posts about same problem but never heard of a follow up. Most flash the NFE fork and not the stock so I’m guessing they forget all about the stock tune issues with their “new” quad. That tune is amazing after learning on the 65lite