Buzzer not buzzing?


I’m running a Helios Spring FC (latest firmware), Butterflight (latest version), and a cheapo BG buzzer (latest version hehe).

When my radio connects to my quad, the buzzers buzzes for a second.

When I flip the buzzer switch on my radio, nothing happens.

I checked in the “Modes” tab in butterflight that the switch is correct and it is (it goes high when I flip the switch.

dshot buzzer works fine, but I want to use my tiny buzzer instead…

Any ideas?


I’ve been having the same problem, after a hard crash. Not sure what’s going on, and I flashed new firmware. Any things worked for you?


Denovich said Butterflight doesn’t have buzzer support yet, so I just cut the buzzer off and am using dshot buzzer since it was louder with my big motors. :grin: