Buying replacement camera lenses

I’m browsing around and not seeing this question elsewhere, so my apologies if it’s been asked before…

I’m trying out a few micro cameras (Swift, Arrow and a couple nameless ones) and I’d like to experiment with some different lenses to see what FOV I really prefer IRL. I’d appreciate any tips on what I should look for or look out for when trying to buy replacement lenses (like, which fit which? are they mostly the same?)

Thanks so much!

I don’t have any experience with the cams you mentioned (except the couple of nameless ones :wink: but here is what I know:

IR filter: some have the IR filter integrated into the lens, some have it on the PCB in front of the sensor. The IR filter looks like a piece of glass with a red tint. (The sensor is the cool Unicorn Rainbow type of color) Sometimes it says on the lens if it’s IR sensitive or not. If you run it without an IR filter it picks up infrared light, which gives weird colors in the day but does allow night vision by using IR leds. Still on my todo list haha :slight_smile:
Screw thread: the screw thread size is indicated by M, common size for the micro AIO is M7 like these:
Focal distance: Sometimes the screw thread is too long for the lens assembly, so you can’t reach the point where it focuses before the end of the thread is hitting the sensor.
FOV: They come in different degree FOV obviously, indicated by 1.8, 2.1, 2.5, 2.8, etc (Is that even true, can somebody clear that up for me?). I always forget which is what. lol that’s about all I can think of out the top of my head. I like the most FOV I can get personally, so everything looks faster. Does make it harder to hit gaps, but I’m so used to it, I can’t fly with a small FOV.

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That’s really helpful, thanks. At least now I know what measurement I’m looking for to compare one to another (e.g. M7).

I can help w/ the 1.8 etc. Those are “focal lengths” in mm. That’s a camera-speak measurement for how close the image is formed to the lens (approximate explanation). Each focal length corresponds to a particular FOV field of view in degrees as viewed through the camera. But there can be a little variation between combinations, so (just making up numbers) a 2.5mm for one camera might be 120 FOV while it’s 130 on some other camera/2.5 lens combo. Generally similar across FPV cameras though.

I feel you, man. I see that in the whoop vids. I flew with a narrow field of view for a while, but then switched to 2.5mm lens

the number is the focal distance, and it’s the distance at which a clear picture forms. It’s related to the field of view, larger numbers result in a smaller field of view ( zoomed in picture)

but the field of view also depends on the sensor size, a smaller sensor will have a smaller field of view for the same lens

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Thanks for clearing that up, although it’s still confusing with the different sensor sizes and lenses, I now know why it is confusing! Makes sense :smile:

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