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Buying at MMW


Hi micro lovers!

I bought FC from https://micro-motor-warehouse.com
After few flying I could not connect to it any more. Benedikt was very kind with assistance and offer me swap the board!
Benedikt, thank you again!
I just ordered another board for my friend who get hit from micro :slight_smile:
Here is my rockie flyig: https://youtu.be/ORZZ2QSCYtc

happy flying


Benedikt offer top notch customer service. You get what you pay for :+1:


In did. Highly recommended!


@eme - Beautiful picture and video quality! May I ask what you’re using for camera/vtx and video rx?


Thank you chime13. Camera is Turbowing 700TVL, 120 degree angle, 25mW. Video rx is Eatchine 800D goggles.


Hey Bostjan, nice to see your video :smiley:
What a great place you have to fly and live.
I havent touched snow in a decade…


Hi Benedikt! Nice to see you here :slight_smile:
Yes, we have plenty of snow this year. All fall in februar. Januar was unexpected warm.
I live in ~300 yrs old mill. Will try to make race track for whoops inside if I had some free time.
Im vy occupied with my hobies :wink: