Burt's RX155 Raiju Build Journal

I’ve got the frame, and the canopy. I’ve got RotorX 1105 4000KV motors. That’s about all that’s settled, though I did just pre-order a RaceFlight Millivolt FC.

I expect I’ll be buying the RotorX ESCs, but that’ll be in a bit… budget constraints, ya know.

More to be revealed…


@burtlo: Looks like you’re not the only one playing with a Raiju. You’re in good company, too. :wink:

Edit: This is from Jordan Temkin’s IG feed (aka JET). (Forum software automatically uploaded the image, without linking it!)

Tempted to pick up a Raiju frame. $25 is a steal for a legendary design. But I shall resist. Maybe if I can get halfway through my current build queue… :pensive:

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It’s a beautiful kit, and it moves me like Shendrone’s Mifune frame.

I’mma taking my time, though. So many other things on my desk that are freshly finished or almost done. With weather improving, it’s time to fly, plus I need to earn some ducats.

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I’m expecting ESCs for this today.

I just got a Swift Mini into my Atom V3, so I’m curious to see how it performs compared to the standard RotorX FPV cam. Door’s wide open on what I fit to the Raiju.

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I have my ESCs, and I was gifted a Revolt V2 for doing some volunteer work with the Raceflight web team. I’m in conversation on their Slack channel about using it on this hex, though, as RF1 doesn’t support hexcopters… YET! According to Preston, that’s something I can confidently wait for.

Since I have time, I’m just chipping away at preparations. The last version of the Raiju build guide from Nguyen of AirBladeUAV shows them daisy-chaining the VCC and GND wires for the ESCs. I want to see how cleanly I can organize the build while not necessarily following the guide exactly, and am thinking I want to attach a six-pin connector for the ESC signal wiring. I’m thinking that the gauge for the signal wiring can be minimal, since it’s not carrying much current at all, so as long as I protect those wires well, that can be pretty tight and fine in detail.

I have a small step-down regulator to put in front of the Revolt, since that demands exactly 5V for power. I was wondering how necessary a PDB would be, but the daisy chain approach seems to defer the need for one.

My plan is to add a Swift Micro as the cam (available May 15), and for now, I’ve got an ATX03 inbound, and a mic set aside as well. I’m not quite sure how well everything will fit under the canopy, but the pieces are coming together.

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Major update: I’ll be building my own AlienFlightNG FC for this build.

Here’s the board; boards are being printed now, stencil’s ordered as well:

Here’s the BOM, just ordered everything for one board build:

Here’s a video showing the start of the build process; I might try my hand at documenting this as well:


More power to you, @burtlo! Very cool that the AlienFlightNG F7 will support a hex configuration. That is obviously a perfect match for the Raiju. :smiley:

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I’ll share this now… about a month ago, I pitched a friend who’s an artist:

He was swamped, but I just heard back from him, and it looks like we’re going forward on this project. Woohoo!


So, I’ve been threatening to document my building process of my AFNG board. Here’s one part:

Many thanks to everyone that’s been so gracious in helping me understand everything. Kudos to Leon Salisbury for his concise reference notes on orientation.

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My hat is off to anybody who has the courage to build an FC from scratch! :smiley:

I’m really hoping to distill it down to show how sensible and straightforward it is. I’ve just been learning things, but there hasn’t been any black magic (yet!), though watching solder paste orient a component comes close.


Yup, that is cool to watch, everything just lining itself up, surface tension ftw :smiley:


Have you heard of components tombstoning? Now that’s spooky.


Ah, interesting. Kinda makes sense to me… do you know what the conditions are for that to happen?

Essentially one end becomes liquid before the other, I think it can happen if you miss a pad with solder paste or get just too little on one pad. I’m sure @pedro147 mentioned having it happen to him, I’ve not seen it yet.

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Yes I have had it happen only once during the many PCB’s I have reflowed It really isn’t a major concern :smile:

See here @burtlo


Haha @burtlo there you go, more information than you could possibly need, @pedro147 you are such a mine of useful links :metal:


I have never heard of any of the other guys in the FB groups having come across this. I think it is more of an oven reflow phenomena and only happens to passive components not IC’s AFAIK.

I sort of feel privileged that I actually experienced this during a build. Sort of makes me feel like an FC Gunslinger :slight_smile:


I’ve got your “Oven Phenomena” right here, big guy!

Freshly baked as of this morning.


Looking mighty fine Mr @burtlo

Let’s get this into the config state :grin:

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