Burt's "Min5" Build Journal (w/Taranis+RaceFlight PID Tuning)


Looking forward to more vids.

This build reminds me of the Bexamous’ ultralight frames, great for hangtime and acro


Bexamous – what an inspiration, huh? I def get excited at his piloting!


Yup, him and Quadmovr killed off any interest I had in FPV which was primarily the reason I got into quads!

When will you get to fly the 360 set up?


LOL! C’mon, man, get back in the saddle! You and me will be the Next Wave of FPV pilots. :slight_smile:

I’ll do a light test later today (Tuesday), but I’m up LATE (typical) so I’ll need my beauty rest too.


Haha! Just trying my best to learn acro at the moment and gather as much info on burshless builds but I have an E011 on the way for a basic introduction to FPV and then we’ll see what happens… :smiley:

Alright, get some rest. Loving your work!


Thanks! Def do the E011 Silverware mod if you can. That RTF’s given me a good chunk of time doing FPV acro now.

Also, if you have the budget, a few of us have had fun with @Benedikt’s 7mm motors. I gave a positive review of them here: https://micro-motor-warehouse.com/products/cl-0716-17


Woot! This hovers with the cam mount at about 45%, so it’s feeling the load, but there’s still plenty of punch left.

I need to secure the mount pieces together (thus the buzz), and check the cam focus (last use ended with a bang).


Pretty cool, @burtlo. But what is that disturbing vibrating sound? Might be worth getting a second camera, instead of flying dead weight to counterbalance it. :wink:


The buzzing – it’s the rods of the camera mount simply inserted into the mounting parts… the maker suggested I glue them in place, but I haven’t. I will address that, but I was excited to see it get off the ground. The counterweight… nice idea about having a second cam!


Ah. That would explain the buzzing.

If your copter can take the weight, flying with two cams is pretty fun. However, a micro or mini quad may not be the best candidate for carrying twin recording cams. :wink:

I used to fly the old octocopter with two GoPros, after I decided I didn’t want to risk my Nikon DSLR on every outing. Gives you twice as much footage to review, but more room to edit something good. I even used some rear-facing footage in reverse to give the appearance of flying forward. :stuck_out_tongue:


I’ve had a less than desirable experience with this Mobius Mini, unfortunately. We’ll see how this plays out, but with so many on-board DVR options coming out nowadays, YouTube’s going to be even noisier. I want to settle down my excitement, and produce some fun clips.


Update: I still have my Mobius Mini, which can’t hold a charge for beans. But, while this forum is about micro builds, I feel like blaming you all for my compulsion to “put a cam on it”.

Thus, I have wired up an EF-02 (bartered from @NotFastEnuf for an R111XN), with it’s reversed power plug (I have you now!), and a lovely LED strip from Adafruit for some LOS orientation. The sweetest upgrade was the RaceFlight One beta that dropped just yesterday, which had defaults that Just Worked, as opposed to the hellish bad tuning from the prior revision I was running.

Had to reorient the stack hardware a bit, twist the cloverleaf to fit (closely) against the frame, and add Threadlocker Blue (I’m not ready to CA yet, but I might have to) to the cam mount struts.

A little rewiring for tidiness, and an official RaceFlight battery strap (instead of my office supply velcro strap), and I’m ready to send this up.

p.s. Part of why I added the LED is because this thing is a rocket. @Denovich has a tuning method of gathering blackbox data while simply applying throttle from 0% to 100%. While doing that in my cul-de-sac, this was out of sight so quickly that my throttle slide was maybe a second long. In order to show this off, I envisioned having to set up a vid cam a ways away. Hopefully I’ll have something to show off later today.

Put A Cam On It

Adafruit LED Strip

Cloverleaf close to hardware


My 808#16 cam had a short battery life.
I opened it up, removed the stock battery and wired in an external plug. I used the stock resistor from the stock battery so the cam will not drain batteries below min.
Then I just rubberband batteries to it and changed them at the field.
I could use super light batteries for short sporty flights and larger for longer exploration flights. It made the camera so much more convenient.


Awesome idea, thanks. I’ll do what you did, but can you explain the “stock resistor to not drain batteries” part? I’d like to understand that.


In electronics with lipo batteries inside of them they have a resistor that shuts the power off when the battery gets to a certain level. This is so the battery is not ruined by being discharged the way down if the device is accidentally left on.(or in tree)
You will see it when you take the battery out sometimes it’s inline with the battery, others it’s in the “front part” of the battery itself. (Under the connection insulator flap of the battery)

Basically just make sure to connect the plug wire to the resistor then to the device. Then if you crash the cam will turn off before draining the whole battery.


And the reason that works is because the resistor is rated at the lowest level of charge? I’m trying to understand how adding a resistor will stop the battery from being drained.

Pardon if you didn’t realize I was enrolled in the Spell-It-Out-Really-Simply school of electronics.


I believe so.
The resistor is not found on my standard lipos so I just solder it inline before the battery plug wire exits the cam shell.
I just made sure all I did was remove the battery only. This meant looking closely to see if there are things added on to the battery under the magic battery flap. I’m sure some devices have this “built in” so I just look carefully at the connection of how the battery is run and then remove just the battery and add wires out there.


I think that’s a low voltage cutoff (LVC) not a resistor. A resistor is a passive, that wouldn’t do much except limit current… it would still allow the battery to fully discharge.


Here are three launches, without the camera. Watching it from further back, it might not be a rocket, but I still feel excited to fly it. I could see that it quickly reached top speed, because the motors can only turn so fast. Higher RPM would fix that, though, but does higher KV translate to higher RPM?

I don’t yet have a 4S battery. Maybe that’d be a way to go, though I’d have to upgrade the ESC.

Fun with quads, ftw.

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thats the thing!
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