Burt's Fusion Micro 114 build journal -- "The Murdock"


I ended up having to use the resource mapping, easy enough. Typing:

resource list

…shows the current arrangement. Since I wanted to swap two motors into the same resource positions, I had to use an unused resource temporarily (github says you don’t need to, that you can ignore the errors and things will map upon “save”, but that didn’t prove true for me). So, I had this:

resource MOTOR 1 B08
resource MOTOR 2 B09

…and I needed to type this to swap them:

resource MOTOR 1 B10
resource MOTOR 2 B08
resource MOTOR 1 B09

Now, all motors are in the correct position, in the correct rotation. I’ve got a cam to wire, and an rx to bind.


QuadX1234 is the Raceflight Revolt default. It trips up people who finally got their head around 4213, but has proven easier for those just starting out.


Wanted to recommend reinforcement of the motor mount area. A bit of thin CA painted over it. I did the same with Picnic Quads motor mounts which where the same material. That is going to be the area that breaks.


I used hot glue on those too. :).


CA and then hot glue on the motor mounts? Interesting.

Would you be wiling to share some pics of those details? I’d def like to learn from any breaks that you experienced already. I’ was going to sand down those tubular bits on the rear legs, and I’m wondering about using the holes on the bottom of the legs as anchors for hot glue to secure the motor wires along the bottom. Curious if I can get artful with the hot glue that way.


Here’s the current state after some reworked wiring:

#2535s or 3020s?
Not sure if the 3020s will actually work, even though they “fit”… any bets?


Note: Renamed the thread, from “Burt’s next two micro builds – he’s got issues!”.


Don’t have a picture now. But what I did with the picnic quad mounts was simply appliying a layer of hotglue to the outside of the mount. It did two things… acted as a slight cushion and helped keep pieces together in a real hard impact. So I might get a crack instead of having a piece completely shear off. Made gluing up the repair much easier since it was still held in alignment.

Might be less practical on this frame. But I think some CA on the mounts will be good. And put some sort of threadlocker on the screw threads. They will vibrate out very easily otherwise. (Nail polish, ca, hot glue can all serve as threadlocker if you don’t have the real stuff)

The two tubes in the back I think are for antenna. I’d leave them in the hope that they add some strength. Sanding them off won’t save much weight I’d think.


Dry Fit

Tidy from the top

Tidy from the bottom


WOW! This is the most buttery sounding quad I’ve ever had, and it’s a rocket as is, without cam, with just 2S. I’ll share some video, but wow wow wow!!!

One thing that’s puzzling is that it won’t stay bound. DSMX, Transmitter ID is “5880” (something simple). I keep having to bind over-and-over, and things work fine after binding.

spektrum_sat_bind_autoreset is 0… is there another variable to be adjusted?


All built, except for the OSD feature… didn’t feel like hacking the cam for the OSD feed.

There are some extra wires from the cam, and the battery wiring was a hack, but with a 325mAh 70C battery, we’re at 76g AUW.

Seriously, if you’ve never built a quad from this material/frame, then it’s quite a sweet experience to hear/feel it fly. It’s disarming, how quiet/smooth it sounds.

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This might have gotten lost in the beautiful pictures, but one thing that’s puzzling is that it won’t stay bound. DSMX, Transmitter ID is “5880” (something simple). I keep having to bind over-and-over, and things work fine after binding.

spektrum_sat_bind_autoreset is 0… is there another variable to be adjusted?

This is happening on both my Devo 7e and my Taranix X7.


Usually if there is a variable which can be set to 0 or 1 the 0 means the variable is off and the 1 means it’s on. Try spektrum_sat_bind_autoreset = 1


It had been set to 1 before when i first noticed this behavior, then i changed it to 0 with no change.

This has always behaved this way, my first experience with an R111XN.


It should be set to 1 as far as I know @burtlo


It’s default is 1 so it doesn’t go into bind mode each time it’s powered. Needing rebound each time is probably not software, do you have a different sat to try? I’m not familiar with orange stuff, is it 3.3V like other spektrum sats? A wrong voltage might cause problems, even too low from the 3.3V pad.
Try setting up a new model (you’ve probably already done that)


I’ll double check voltage. I’ve set a new model by trying on my Taranis after starting with my Devo.


@burtlo: That is a spectacularly good-looking build! Hope you manage to sort out the binding issue. That’s the kind of stuff that’ll ruin your day, even though 99 percent of the hard work is done.


Thanks for the kudos. It turned out (almost!) as well as I imagined, and if I had more frames to play with, I might get even tidier. Overall, though, I’m stoked at the results.


Binding wise, I have that issue if I turn the RX on before the TX on dsm2. No clue if that’s related to your issues though.

That’s a really nice looking quad!