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Bummed , What did you do this weekend?


I"m bummed, maybe devastated, lol… I hit a tree at full throttle flying LOS with my micro Alien… If I had not been so lazy and installed my FPV Tx and camera this wouldn;t have happened…



That is a bummer. I for once didn’t break anything this weekend…But I was helping a friend learn to fly his first micro, and he broke a few motors and props. No frames.

Where is the other motor? Did it get ripped clean off?



I finally got the 5v regulator on my 250 set up, as I “brutally massacred” the first one and killed the second one in a similar fashion not long after. Excited that I could finally power the quad, I hook a battery up, everything lights up, and the OSD catches on fire.

That thing does not want to fly.

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The other motor is somewhere never to be found as is the nano tech 750 which was on it, dammit, lol.

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@TheAppleFreak Fire is always bad. And “brutally massacred” sounds a bit too intense, what did you do to it? Fly it into a wood mill log saw??

@lagraphicking I hate losing things more than breaking them…that sucks a battery too.



The battery is cheap, I’m upset about the motor, It’s nice and fast with the dark motors. Fast as hell. That’s how I fly.



I feel your pain. I broke 2 of my 3 frames this weekend in some crazy outdoor flying in the wind.
Cracked an arm on my Reggae Shark… but the painful one was this one here.

Thank god the motor came unplugged and I found it 50ft away. And the motors all still work, they only had had 15 batteries through them too, so I was super excited that my Darkies didn’t die. Also had the Video pad on my FX 758 rip off. But I have 4 more otw so not the end of the world.

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@JG101 That’s how the result was described to me when I asked about it on Reddit. I applied a bit too much heat to the regulator while trying to bridge the SHDN and VIN pads, and I damaged one of the resistors such that I was putting out 2v instead of 5v. Of course, while attempting to desolder the thing from the PDB, I screwed up the 5v trace and probably inadvertently screwed something up on the OSD in the process. It smoked once I actually got the 5v reg working :confused:

Either way, I decided that I really don’t want to deal with directly soldering stuff to boards, so I’m repurchasing most of the build and sticking to stackable PDBs instead. I really don’t like desoldering stuff.