Build & flight video of the frame I won in the PicnicQuads giveaway!

Hi guys, just wanted to share the build I did with the Folding Peanut PQ frame. Took me almost half a year to get to it but the result is awesome!
Enjoy and have a nice day all!


Nice flying man! Got that thing moving :wink: Drill out your props so you can get them to sit down on the can. It will save you a lot of motors :slight_smile: From watching you fly this though I would say you probably do not crash as much as some of the rest of us. Great tutorial and flight video.

Pretty serious maiden flight there! I’ve got one thats due a rebuild soon, you got me inspired :+1:
I’m with @madman1412 on the props sitting too high but as he said it doesn’t look like you crash much :sunglasses:

Thanks @madman1412, to hear from you is much of a compliment for me :smiley:
About the props - yea, I used to drill them, and also cut a little ring from a plastic straw, so that the force goes to the can - but I lost my drill recently, and didn’t get to getting a new one yet :smiley:

Thanks @Chaotix. One thing that bothers me is I must have made some mistake during editing, because the video from DVR is much worse in this youtube video, than it was raw. I’m wondering if it was on my side or just sloppy Youtube compresion. The other thing is since I used my dipole antenna in the build, I only had one crappy cloverleaf with my receiver, so the video signal wasn’t the best haha :smiley:

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That’s a pretty nice video.
Clean built and awesome flying.
Well done , sir. :+1::+1::+1:

Which micro rx is that?
Satisfied with that (rangewise etc.)?

suicide flip was sweet.
nice to see in brushed at low alt.
super clean invert and great stall time.:vertical_traffic_light:

Thanks @chrisdo, about the receiver, that’s the one:

We had a little discussion about it with @Chaotix here: Beecore, Insane powered Superwhoop

I didn’t test the range yet though, but I don’t think it will differ from SciSky board much. Surely much worse than LemonRX sattelite or other big receiver.

Thanks @tronaton, I’m happy it doesn’t look bad even on stock PIDs :smiley: Definitely much better than F1 board on stock PIDs!