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Brushless whoop Quest?


I just got the email that my second Mobula7 has shiped :grin:. the only thing not to like is the F3 flight controller which runs cpu% in the mid 30s the way it comes from the factory with BF 3.5.0, but I have noticed No ill effects. It flies truly great on 2s, super locked, just good on 1s for handling or feel. Its got a slight wobble effect almost like its top heavy on 1s but I got pretty comfortable with it after a few packs. If I knew how to tune PIDs that would be fixed and I would just have a different PID profile for 1s and 2s. The punch on 1s is as good or better than 6-15-19k,kv brushed on good old whoop. With the same GNB 250mah, the 65mm brushed whoop flew for about 3:30 and the mobula about 3:10, but the last 30sec with the brushed was lacking power, (more time at full throttle to recover from flips and rolls) I didnt notice that on the Mobula7.
I swaped props to the KingKong tiny 7 tri-blade props (also 40mm)

I like the smaller hub diameter, its gotta force more air through the motor for better cooling right?


I just bumped up all pids by 5-10 and flying on one 250mah battery feels a lot less wobbly, more locked-in, and it still flys great on two 250 packs. The “just bumped up all pids” is basically the extent of my pid tuning experience. It was an improvement, so there is hope for an even better flying 1s Mobula7. That being stated, it will ever touch the Eachine E011 with NFE tuned Silverware for Jedi pod-racing between the wall and the couch in a tiny apartment.


I’m super impressed with how it can fly on a single old used PH2.0 tinywhoop stick battery for about 2 and a half minutes.The frame is fragile. I can’t believe I haven’t broke a canopy mounting yet, only ducts, I will find out how many times it can be repaired with hot glue before it’s unflyable, then swap to my back-up mobula7 frame… I really like the way it flies though!


Seems to fly really well on 1s … im impressed ! Feel like a classic good brushed build ?


Yeah it does with some trade-offs, yaw feels so much more crisp and responsive like a big brushless quad, but my 19k,kv 7/16 whoop has much more thrust on 1s. And you must up the pids for the mobula7 to feel nice on 1s.


my 2 cents … I have a ur 65 brushless / urea 65 brushless / and 1 or 2 others I actually spend more time repairing and glueing and soldering then I do actually flying… not that I’m a bad pilot yes im not great but I cam fly a bit … know my way around quads etc … I bought what is known as a m80 from bang good ages ago … I have it taken from the air countless times by my dogs ./ flew in rain / smashed it into walls presses / stood on … that thing still flies … brushless is good motor wise that’s it … too much tinkering pid etc etc … thinking of going completely back to brushed … I really don’t see the hype in the brush less … I went to order a mobula 7 and ended up saying f@@k it and got a tiny 7 with 6 batteries etc for the same cost … all my brushed fly nice and my brush less … but the maintenance is so much easier on brushed … and with that I’ve been given a voucher and am always looking for the next whoop. … still have not got my hands on the original whoop as I haven’t been convinced they are worth the money if anyone can persuade me please do and why … cheers guys …