Brushless micro framesuggestion

Wanting to buy a micro frame that will take 1104 motors.i havea rotorx atom v1 already but will be upgradig the 1104 to 1306,so wanted try its 1104 on an even smaller frame.

Any suggestions,is there a banggood frame or maybe some adaptors i could buy?

Am in uk btw.


Check out some of the armattan frames. They have a great selection for 3 inch including the MMW community build:

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maybe something from - have a 130 even that is a tight fit :slight_smile:

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If you can source some carbon fiber mat locally (hobby shop), you can fill in the circle where the motor mounts from a brushed frame by layering it up with epoxy, and pressing it down between two pieces of plexiglass with wax paper as a barrier so it comes out of your press. Using that technique, you could adapt any cheap cf brushed frame. In the picture below I was making a repair but you get the idea.

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@NotFastEnuf I know a lot of 110X motors use a 8.5mm mount pattern. When you use this method do you end up with any issues drilling through where the two different pieces meet?

@pilsnerpopper Thanks for the plug :slight_smile:

Edit: Also when drilling through CF make sure you have a carbide or diamond bit

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I have not done it to mount brushless motors yet but plan to. I have just repaired broken arms for re mounting brushed. I always do two sheets top and bottom that cover the full span also including the build up of the “dead space” and up the arm about 5 to 10 mm. I have to Dremel it all back out to get a brushed motor back in but have never been able to feel that transition with the dremel or had it seperate when grinding. This repair method had been crash tested daily on asphalt too- it’s pretty tough. The 5 min epoxy stays a bit softer for a few days and I grind it down at the 24 hour mark. It’s still just a tad bit gummy. If you drill the mount holes at 24 hours cure with 5 min epoxy I’m sure you’d be fine. It sets up nicely after that and feels the same as the rest of the frame. My local hobby shop is pretty big in Orlando, Fl. I usually find one of the sail plane guys - they know where the carbon fiber mat is!

I second the Q Carbon 110 From Quattrovolante.

Yea I’ve actually got some 5 day epoxy here too, lol. Glad to hear there is a decent fix for broken CF frames. Not sure if anybody around here supplies CF mat. There aren’t many hobby shops around here and I doubt it’s something Michael’s carries. I’ll have to look around.

I get it from Graves RC in Orlando, Florida. They don’t have it listed on their website but sell it in the store. It’s something like a 1sq ft pice for 6 or 7$. If you run out of options, I bet you could call to arrange a purchase.

There is also that new kingkong q90. I’m sure there will be a spare part frame for that soon. I love those 1103 motors on that thing with 7800kv and 1mm shafts so they can use the same props as my other brushed micros!