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Brushless 85mm drifts weirdly


Just built my first brushless micro under 115mm it’s a 85mm, weighs a whopping 40g.you know what they say, new micro new problems. So I fine tuned this to stay completely level for my buddy who fly’s in self leveling. Almost like it has a gps lock. But sometimes when I go fast it starts drifting forward and I have to pull the stick all the way back to get it to not flip. In hover tests it hovers perfectly still but on my indoor rip test it starts drifting forward.



Errors in angle model can accumulate. Could be caused by vibration, which you could mitigate by hardware changes (replace props, reinforce frame) or software adjustments, e.g. lower angle gain or different filter settings.

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Can motor screws casue a problem? One of them is stripped and won’t screw in all the way, how would one exactly reinforce a frame?



I heard adding dampeners fixes it? Wdu think?



A screw probably isn’t causing the problem, but if you’re worried about it, then just replace it. Soft mounting motors and adding grommets to the FC. Balancing props is another way to reduce vibrations, but nowadays props are pretty good just the way they are.