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Brushed to Brushless adapter for brushed 8520 to brushless 0703 size


I’m testing this “thing” printed using resin material: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2276734

This is the result:

I’ll use with KingKong Q100 frame:

Lateral holes are for accomodating screws heads:


That’s pretty sweet piqued my interest I have a q100 frame running 2s but brushless would be killer in that little beast


I have 70mm brushless and flies very well: the more important thing is the power/weight ratio, not the absolute size or weight itself.


Hey if you made a few sets of those I would buy some I have the q100 frame and wanted to upgrade to brushless love the frame but sick of replacing motors


Sadly my experiance with these smaller motors on 2s and bigger propellers above 50mm is that they bend shafts and wear out quickly.
The thrust and speed is insane though so its alot of fun.
Ive tried Sunnysky 0703 and Eagle Power 0802 on a Bat100 frame and both motors have bearings inside so maybe that have been the cause of my issues. That these small bearings cant handle the RPM.
The best result so far has been the Eagle Power 0802 10000kv on 55mm Afunta propps.
I hope you guys have better luck and I think there is alot of potential in these smaller motorsizes :slightly_smiling_face: