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Brushed motor help


Hi Everyone! Iam new here and want to know what are the best steps to prolong life on my propel star wars drones motors. Iam waiting to get the m.m.w. motors since they are not in stock. Any advice will be appreciated. Thanks! John


Hello @Frampton. Brushed motors usually have a life span of around 5 hours of usage. Best thing you can do to get that expected life span is not excessively over work the motors. Let them rest long enough between flights to cool down. Beyond doing that making sure props are seated as closely as possible to the top of the motor casing will ensure that the armature cap at the bottom of the motor will not pop out if the quad crashes on top of one of the props. If there is space between the prop and the top of the motor can a hard shot to the top of the prop can cause that plastic cap at the bottom of the motor to pop out or break. Last thing is using the proper size prop for the motor. This shouldn’t be a problem in your case if you are using the stock props that the quad came with but in general high KV motors have less torque and more speed which will perform best with a smaller prop that has less resistance. The lower KV motors have more torque and can spin a larger prop with more resistance. All that being said, anything you purchase from MMW is backed by a guarantee that the product will work as expected and if not any issue will be resolved. I have been a customer of MMW for over 4 years now and they only sell premium grade stuff backed by a reputation of taking care of the customer any time an issue arises. Hope this info helps.


Thanks very much for that information. I appreciate you getting back to me so quickly. I have all the propel star wars drones and everyone is complaining about the motors. I haven’t had any problems yet. I also think its important to break motors in when you first use them. I like to run 1 battery at slow or a idle like speed. I THINK that helps alot. Is that true?


From what I’ve heard from others including Benedikt who’s been in the brushed motor biz since it all started the break in is more myth than fact. It won’t hurt to run them a little to “break them in” but it doesn’t seem to make much difference if at all if you do.