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Brushed micro tune?


Whats up guys so i just finished building a 95mm Brushed with a few spare parts i had around and im wondering if anyone can help me tune this thing im still learning how PIDs work and what not ive looked around and havent found one.
95mm frame
Furibee F3 FC
8520 Racerstar Motors
Crazypony AOI camera
FS-A8S reciver
Eachine 600mah 50c

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nice looking build! :smiley:

those props are going to fly near silent! :smiley: stealthy!

Can you post a CLI dump of your current settings? Are you flashed with cleanflight or beta flight?

(I cannot give you a tune exactly, but I can maybe give some suggestions as to what may need to be done…)

also there is an AWESOME thread on tuning located here

and this is a quick video that may help a little as well!


I’m sort of in the same boat understanding PID tuning. I’ve programmed PID controller algorithms for other applications, so I understand the technical aspects. My problem is relating the coefficients to flight characteristics of the quad.

This tutorial shows a pretty good method to get the quad flyable. You’d still have to tune I and D, but it seems a good starting point. http://www.propwashed.com/in-flight-adjustments

I just finished a build that is very similar to yours. I ended up using the PIDs that @Denovich posted here PID and Filter tuning. Mine was a bit twitchy with his filter settings, so I left those at the default values. I’m also using a FrSky Tx, so I left that part of his configure out as well. Basically, I just used the PID settings. He suggested tuning “by feel”. I’m not good enough to do that yet. I know what feels right when I find it, but don’t know what to adjust to get there. The PIDs from that post feel pretty locked in on my quad though.


to me, tuning is extremely overwhelming at times… i know it shouldn’t be as complicated as i tend to make it though lol

@mmoore was the similar build also a brushed build with 8.5mm motors, or was the build that you used denovich’s tune minus filters on brushless?


im running BetaFlight ive actually found a decent tune and im quite happy but but if i can do better then y not ill post a video soon im also wondering when i go to make a sharp turn i kind of drift a bit what can i increase to fix that i kinda want it to lock in place

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My build was a brushed 8.5. I put a couple pictures of it in this thread of it in this thread Modding the Wolfwhoop WT05 AIO VTX for OSD


i think increasing I may help it battle external forces better , if this doesn’t help and if it is still sliding too much, I think adjusting anti gravity and set weightpoint may have a little bit to do with that…

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That is an awesome looking build. I didn’t know that brushless PIDs could translate to brushed. Very cool. - thanks for linking that thread - opened a whole new rabbit hole for me to stare into lol

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Thanks! Yeah, when I found those components I couldn’t resist going down that rabbit hole. As far as brushless PIDs on brushed build, my understanding is that it has more to do with size, weight and frame layout than drive type (unless your dealing with a geared setup). I could be wrong though.


let me know what you guys think


Raise I. Bump it up 25%. That’s enough that you will notice the difference. Fly enough to get a feel for it. Decide if you like it, and maybe try more.

I always left I alone once I got basic drifts (mostly when on/off throttle suddenly) controlled. I never considered that I might need more. Until I started testing for Raceflight. Defaults were always changing and I learned what different values felt like.


That makes sense, thanks for the advice!