Brushed dropouts


So I have a TBS Xracer, and it was experiencing dropouts maybe 20 seconds into flight when I would do a punchout. The entire board basically shuts off. If I plug and unplug everything turns back on. I completely removed the components from the frame, and replaced the FC. Motors and battery are still stock. Still happens! Any idea why? Running betaflight 3.6. Here’s a picture of the battery, as well as the quad when it drops out, as you can see, lights are off.



I’d strongly suspect high resistance at the connector both battery and fc ends. The cheaper molex clones are using low quality plating on the pins which develops higher resistance as it ages and wears. Look at the pins and you may see discolour or blackening.


I’ have a Poke Fpv with PH 2.0 but had dropouts…
I solve with a 45C battery.


Did you get the issue sorted joshthebix? What fc did you replace the stock with? I received my xracer with a doa fc so looking for replacement options. Not going to worry with warranty as the chances of another doa is high so ive heard. With the dropout issues is your battery sagging below its min voltage even momentarily as this would cause the board to shutoff. As jacobblack suggested try a higher C rated battery and see if that fixes it.


New batteries fixed the Issue!