Broken E011 Motors! D:<


I know i’ve been talking about my e011 a lot but went out to fly again and 2 motors just stopped working. It seems the wires on the motor connecters are loose. Anyone know a quick, cheap solution before I buy some MMW motors?


Have you tried getting in touch with the retailer and letting them know the issue? Be sure to take pictures of the loose wires as they will definitely ask for them


Actually didn’t think of that.I’ll definitely write a review, doubt they’ll respond though.


Don’t write a review, contact them directly and let them know it was broken when it arrived and has now completely stopped functioning. They may help


oh ok thx :grinning:


actually i dont think they’ll accept it since i messed w/ it (antenna mods, battery holde mod and prop mod)


Can’t hurt to try. Don’t include those details in your pictures


well if they want me to return it…


True, might as well not even try…


did make a review to warn buyers and found someone who had the same problem, guess ill just wait for some MMW motors


Which end of the wire? If it’s the connector end you can cut it off and direct solder it. If it’s the motor end you’re out of luck.


it’s the connecter, ill try to solder it but my solder skills arent that good


Did you try just shoving it back in and putting a dab of CA glue? The crimp side is easier to tinker with and get it to work again


If you don’t wanna solder directly to your FC you also can cut some wire with the broken connector off. Then solder on another connector with wires you cut off another dead/ burnt out motor. Wire to wire soldering is easy. Check for correct polarity and don’t forget to put heat shrink on before soldering wires together.
Always good not to throw away dead motors. Several uses for them (magnet, shaft, wire, connector).


i was actually thinking of getting kados 720 motors and put everything on a 3d printed frame