Bring back the Alien!

People say it’s possible to have someone make the Alien Wii board. I personally don’t know where to start. Maybe Benedikt can get someone to make more for our enjoyment. They would sell great!

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Welcome! Keep looking around this forum. We are in the midst of birthing aliens. Stick around and contribute and you might make the right friends :wink:

There are also people building them and similar boards based on the open source that they plan on producing for public consumption.

Thanks for the info I am very excited!

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Maybe someone with a bit know how could start a crowdfunding project :wink: That would be awesome.

I think the AlienWii is awesome and I’m all for still having it around, but at this point IMO why not get a SCISKY, MultiFlite, Beef’s Brushed, or Lulfro? They all use Cleanflight or Betaflight or even Baseflight. All of which, are fully capable firmwares and have fairly low learning curves.

@RCdude_01 you might like to read this
thread this is where it is all happening :smiley: