Bricked my B-whoop bo3

I made up a custom quad, Carbon frame, 8.5/20 motors, 65mm King Kongs, With a B-whoop bo3 board. Flashed it with Silverware Hex file. It was flying so nice. Amazing in acro. But in angle it had a little wobble in the pid loop. So I decided to get Keil on it. Somehow I messed it up. No led indicators now. Also no voltage detection on screen. Tried every way possible to connect. But the St link needs to detect voltage to complete the process. Is there any way to get past this problem. Any tip’s or ideas would make my day. I basically know the board is erased. and the St link does not know what to do. Stuck on the bench.

Are you powering the board from a lipo when flashing ?

Yes. I tried everything. The st link can’t connect because it sees no voltage. There is also no lights on board. Just a very small blink when I connect the battery. I know you have to connect within 1 sec. And I tried all config’s Normal,Hot,connect under reset. Tried at least 100 times now. I went ahead and installed a new board on my custom build. Back to flying the Hex config…Really been studying all about Keil…I have it all loaded with the Silverware file ready to go…But hesitant till I know it’s right…Gonna order a bunch more of these B-whoop pro’s. I just love these boards…So much fun learning how to talk to semiconductors. I wish I could get that locked up board working again. Thank you so much for the reply. Peace out from Colorado.

Just wanted to say. I did have the hex file on the locked up board. I flew it about 5 times. It was super awesome. But it has a wobble in angle mode…it does kind of show up in acro. So I wanted to get into Keil. So I could adjust the pids…especially d-term. In this process is where I erased the hex file and the board is lost now. Wish there was someway to reset it like the boot pins on other flight controller’s. P.S. also wanted to say. You would be so impressed with this B-whoop pro board. on a carbon frame, 7/20 motors, 65mm king kongs…So amazing massive power and speed. It has no pid wobble with 7/20 motors…just 8.5/20 motors. My next one will be 7/20 custom. Big smiles man.

I am using this…Diy micro fpv 100mm frame…I get on Banggood…I have a lot of these boards. I really like this frame for all my builds. Also I remove all the connectors. So the board sits as flat as possible. Turnigy nano tech 500mah…Caddix beetles, and Boldclash F02h cams…On my modded Devo 7e…yee haw. I am in this stuff heavy…Peace out.

My only issues flashing were when I used a dead lipo to power the board, so my suggestion would be to check that first.
Second, if you flashed the board before, i would try to follow the exact same steps to flash it again with a known good hex file and st link.

Just checked that Boss 7, Looks super cool. A lot of nice quads on that Rotorbuilds page. I run 65 kingkongs on all my custom rigs. Also run Turnigy 500 mah lipo’s so the weight is way over powered. Been flying my new fav. build a lot. It has 8.5/20 motors. And I fly it mostly Los. It is absolutely insane…I just love how Keil works. I sure wish I could get my non-responsive board I goofed up on working again. It won’t power on. I know I didn’t mess anything up with the soldering or connection…I am an Electronic tech. The St link won’t even see the board. I did flash it with the Hex file and it was working so nice. Then I decided to get Keil on it. I think I erased the program. Now it won’t let me load. I will keep trying. I am going to order a bunch more B-whoop pro’s. I Have a Holybro Kopis, GoFly Scorpion x 2, GoFly Falcon 90 and 130, and about 30 micro brushed quads. Of all the li-pos I ever tried…The Turnigy nano tech 300 mah are the most powerful…They just don’t last very long. I fly lots of Los…I blast up to about 80 feet and start doing huge 360 rolls in all directions. So much fun…Have to say…I love brushed and brushless quads so much. Big smiles Edwin.

Thought I better mention…My little custom carbon flyers are not really whoop’s. They are just high speed rippers. But In stock form the B-whoop’s on Keil are soooooooo fun. Very impressed. I am going to order like ten more…he he. Think it’s so cool how the gestures work…three back calibrates the gyro…two left and down…acro…two right and down…angle. Working on figuring out the gesture control foe pids…and working on the alarm mod. So stoked to join Silverware and Keil. Peace out. Oh and I do lots of Fpv…but Los prob. is my main specialty.