Brand new Silverware NFE ! how could i


Betafpv lite
716 19000kv
260mah hv
h01 cam/vtx
eachine 4 blades props
65mm frame
Silverware NFE ( lastest update)

No motor curve
6-7mm NFE pids
Strong Filter

And its how it fly atm …

Everything is New

Dropbox link :

For analyze Raw video

Its not my first whoop , Trying stock and setting recommended for my setup and getting this .
If anyone could find the probs let me know !


Fixed and tuned !


Raw video in post 1 looks like ehat i see when a duct is slightly mishaped and a prop is rubbing on the frame? … I see what looks like gyro “ticks”. Is the little tick or twitch what you are referring too? I typically run weak filtering … and I will pinch a motor can with two fingers while I blow into a prop to spin it up fast … if it’s anything other than totally perfect smooth … the prop comes off and a new one goes on. Yesterday I changed two props that looked totally fine visually but had a vibration when I spooled them up after a bad crash.


This is exactly what i had , that gyro “ticks” . As you said sometime props look perfect visually .So yea the problem was the front right props rubbing the duct …just a lil bit , i noticed by checking the motors temp , it was hotter than others .( shaft was fine ) so it was this prop . Also i did adjusted my fc softmount and perfectly balanced everything . Now this thing rip way too much ahahhahah ~ 30deg camera angle look like im piloting a F1 ! I will active torq boost !