Bootloader flashing for AlienWii original FC

Here is a little video that will show you how to flash the boot loader to an original AW FC.


I’ve done this once before when I destroyed a bootloader. PSA, don’t ever accidentally plug an AlienWii into your PlayStation instead of the PC, it will destroy the bootloader.

You’re making me want to update my old Alienwiis with power and sat sockets! Very very cool. Never even crossed my mind.

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Excellent! Yes, nice touch with the sockets. You make it look so easy Dr. @madman1412

I have so many projects that I have started and more even yet for my small biz. It gets very difficult to sort everything but I do have some video somewhere of doing the sockets as well as all the other things I have been doing. Hard part is making that into video that can be uploaded. I have probably done a thousand videos between flight and repair. Finding the time to upload or cut all of the video is a serious challenge. I am really wanting to do more instructional than just flight video. That has really been a main focus of what I want to do and I hope that I can organize my stuff so I can share a little of what I have learned with the community.

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Thanks for that @madman1412 Question please. Did you set the USBasp programmer to 3.3v or 5v for the early card?

5v :wink: for all the fcs as far as I know.

I gotta say @madman1412 is leading the way on Alienflight builds. Proud of you, man. It’s above my skill level so I appreciate the work!


I will have some video soon of the work :wink: @Complacent1 Thanks for the compliment.