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BOLDCLASH F08 adding a mic


Could it be possible to add a mic to this Cam ? I suppose it would be possible . But looking for advice here the link and some close up pic .




No geek helper ? :frowning:


Most likely it’s missing the entire audio circuit, while it’s technically possible to add the entire thing and splice it between cam and vtx sections it would be a major undertaking. Not worth it.

When you listen to video is the sound static or just blank?


Static , so my guess is the circuit is there , just like those AIO one . I wrote to boldclash if it would be possible to get the datasheet and pins out xD ! Sure i will never get it but still .



If there’s static the tx isn’t transmitting the audio band and you need the entire audio side and the side that converts it into the proper data to feed the vtx.

Unless(and maybe regardless) there are a dozen or so empty slots on the pcbs where the audio stuff goes you’re looking at a very intense project. Multiple hours and probably 15-30 bucks on parts before you get it right, and you’ll need a decent set of test tools.

I’m not going to say it’s impossible, but it’s hard and not worth it.


Thank you for all the information my @Bobnova ! Really appreciated it !