Bobo 95mm frame

Have any of you tried the bobo out? It looks like the mikro, but 95mm. I was looking at another one, the youbi XV-130. That one looks like it’s pretty heavy.
Links below.

The Bobo is around 9g when you use some nylon spacers instead of the heavy hardware that comes with it.

Shameless reference to my posts in the other thread about it:

I think most people currently prefer the X configurations but I’m a fan of dead-cat and strange configs. :slight_smile:


I have now chosen the frame for my first micro brushless build

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You’re welcome ;).

Be aware that a dead-cat config can behave a bit “differently” than what you are used to. It’s not a really optimal configuration in terms of weight distribution and aerodynamics. I’m currently working on a build with that frame - waiting for the motors and playing a lot of tetris with the components. Would be too easy with the stock spacers - I think they are like 2cm.

Additionally, working with CF is potentially dangerous - take it serious, that’s some dust you maybe don’t want to inhale.


When I sand down my future frames I plan on wearing a doctors face mask, sterile nitrate gloves and will sand CF under a source of running water, preferably not the kitchen sink lol

@quadlifepro: Sanding CF under water works great. Just use warm water, so your fingers don’t get cold. :wink: No need for a mask when working under water. I also don’t bother with gloves, but obviously no harm in using them if you like. After the sanding, I do wash hands and CF parts with dish soap to get rid of any sticky carbon dust.

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@MidnightQuads: I’d definitely pick the Bobo over the Youbi. The Youbi is essentially a clone of the RotorX Atom, except it uses thinner CF and is weaker.

FYI: doctor face masks are built to keep your breath from contaminating other things, not to keep other things out of your lungs. You want N95 exposure masks, they’re built to keep infectious things out of you.

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WOW! holy crap i did not know that! well maybe the face mask is overkill lol thanks for the awesome piece of info!

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