Blade Torrent review vid w/nice flying


I still might replace my Q-Carbon with the Torrent, but after putting in some crazy insane darks in my Stingray 120, I held off…holy crap! Flight times went from 5-6 min down to 3:30-4, but it’s such an amazing improvement in power! Thank you @Benedikt! :smiley:


Honestly those motors are the smoothest silkiest fastest motors I’ve ever come across… my crook 110 almost feels brushless lol it actually has hang time during throttle punches with those motors… I need a 7 pack to convert all my brushed quads over to darks lol (a few packs will be dedicated to tuning tho, that’s for sure lol)


Omg! $20 a motor!

1104 7600kv… damn lol that’s why I can’t stand horizon hobby. This is clearly a money maker! I bet you
It would be like pulling teeth to get a clear answer from their customer service on repairations, etc too…


Well crap…

I think someone is trying to tell me to get the Torrent. Here’s what’s happened in the last 2 weeks with my 8520’s

  • broke the Picnic Quads frame
  • moved over to the Stingray 120mm
  • burnt out a motor
  • put in my last set of fresh SpinTech Sidewinders
  • in two flights, burnt out TWO Sidewinders
  • ordered crazy fast Dark Editions
  • 5 batteries in of crazy fast and smooth flying with the Dark Editions, it falls out of the sky and when I go to retrieve it, the nanoQX FC is blinking red, and the back right motor is slowly spinning no matter what I do (I’m guessing a burnt FET)

SIGH…rebuild?? New FC? TUNING AGAIN!!! SIGH!! :stuck_out_tongue: I…just want to fly!


sounds like the torrent is definitely up your alley. You need something RTF! It’s okay to admit it… We don’t always have to build everything! :slight_smile: lol I will be the first to admit I have 2 RTF 250s that I can always bounce back to when my projects all fail on me lol

Edit: BUTTT at $20 a motor lol… one can build for much cheaper!


I really don’t mind the building, but my custom builds, especially the 8520’s are failing left and right. Replacement parts are dwindling, and in the case of my Q-Carbon, replacement parts are basically a rebuild…so… :stuck_out_tongue:

I just took a lunch break with my Tiny Whoop, and for the 2nd time in it’s life, I actually broke a prop. They are the same black Eachine ones, so I’m wondering if I just got a bad batch. When I realized what had happened, I decided it might be time to not fly today since this morning I burned out my 8520 FC. :smiley:

My fleet story since January:

-Qreacher Whoop (Makerfire) - melted 1.25 pigtail (waiting on 2.0 pigtail) that flies for about 1 minute
-8520’s - broke PQuads frame, 2 sets of motors burnt out, and now the FC is toast - DOA

  • Tiny Whoop - broken prop (easy replacement but is it a sign??)
  • PFG 200QX - 1 set of props left (slow boat bringing more, but when…WHEN??) :stuck_out_tongue:
  • Q-Carbon 110 - Tree/exploded battery At least 1 ESC burnt out, FC Burnt out…VTX in question…but the frame is nice!

Play a sad song for me. LOL :smiley:


@PJC: Sounds like normal wear and tear, for somebody who flies a bunch, and fast! :smiley:

What props did you order for the PFG 200QX? My son has one of those (stock), and I should probably order spare props, before he breaks the last ones flying again as weather improves. :wink:


These Tri-Blades:

The Blade Sport ones are the most durable, but I don’t like their performance. The Tri-Blades are more fragile (they break at the hub) but have more punch and are quiet. Also ordered a couple of pairs of their “3D Tri-Props” to see if they are more durable.

Ha…true true. That nanoQX FC has worked great for a long time, so, I can’t complain. Maybe I just need any excuse to get a new quad. :smiley:


Back in my 200qx days I used these 2 blade gemfans.
Not that cheap but cheaper than the stock ones.


Dude! WAAAAY cheaper than Blade ones tho! How do they perform?

I have used the stock ones (they are okay, but break at the hub at a sneeze)
Sport blades (take a beating…but performance was meh)
Tri-blades (LOVE THEM…punchy, but as brittle as the stock two blades)

For that price I’ll order a few. :slight_smile:


Haven’t used them a lot.
Shorty after putting them on I decided to sell my 200qx stuff.
But for me they did their job at least as good as the stock ones.


I couldn’t help myself got one on order should be in around b-day time :grin: jeez I’ve gone from a tiny whoop in November to a growing fleet of micros. I think I need a second job to pay for my addiction


awesome! @199.99 its a steal lol my keni 97 is costing much more than that and I have to build it lmao


So this came home with me today!

Out of the box I had trouble hooking it up to my Mac. None of my other quads had that issue, but it think it’s because my others were either piko bkx or f3 evo.

Finally hooked it up to my PC and got the drivers and all is fine. Changed a few things in Betaflight like arm, rc rates (the default was putting velocity at 667 and I like 970 or so) and increased max angle to 65 and horizon to 30% with transition at 50.

Bound easily to my Devo, and the thing flies amazing out of the box. I think about all the work I did on my Q Carbon 110 to get it flying okay and this thing just rocks right out of the box.

They are doing throttle mixing in the FC so I took that off my Devo…

2s is nice and pretty tame, but more like a super tiny whoop…3s…DANG!! it has some PUNCH! :fist: My 450 Gens Ace batteries are great on it. 4 minutes of fast flying and grunt to recover like crazy.

Hopefully some footage soon, but worth every penny so far.


how’s the camera on it with in and out of high or low light? as good as aio cams?


The resolution is nice, but I don’t think it’s as good as my CrazePony AIO VM275T in light changes. Going from dark to light (shadows in trees to open spaces) it struggles way more than the CrazePony does, but it handles darks better. Reception is better than the 25mw AIO, which is to be expected.

It is a blast on 3s, but I think it actually “feels” better on 2s for racing. I have some 950maH 2s batteries for my 200QX and I get 5 minutes of “Big Whoop” flying and racing around. 3s is definitely where you want to do Freestyle. I was doing these big loops and waiting until the last second to recover and 3s makes it easy to punch out of those.

I’ve kept the prop guards on for now and I don’t know how much it’s saving my props. I’ve already had two (stock) props get bent from the guards deforming on impact. The next step is to get some different props to play with.

The funny thing is, on 3s it has more power than my 100mm Picnic Quad with Darks, but the Picnic one feels more nimble and faster. But I haven’t done any tuning tweaks to the Torrent yet.

And actually, I’m really loving Horizon mode (30% with 50 Trans) to do some racing and mixing in tricks.

The other quad that I almost bought instead was the Arfun 90. It has WAAAY more power supposedly but I just couldn’t wait for it to ship. :stuck_out_tongue:

And what I’m REALLY looking for now is a Tiny Whoop-ish sized quad that can run outside better. I really do like that 66-70mm size. 110 seems HUGE now. :stuck_out_tongue:


Do you have an nrf module in your devo? I have been working on hacking the e011 - 7mm whoop with silverware. I’m in uncharted waters with it but am getting close to a nailed down setup for both ends of quality control. If that doesn’t quite make sense … Some run really smooth - and some have tons of vibrations. My goal is to make them fly the same. So far my hacked silverware file is the only one circulating to download for it so all the pressure is on me at the moment. Lol. Anyway - it’s an absolute beast for 17$.


:smiley: jointdexter found this last night lol


Wow! That’s the right size! Not a huge fan of the camera mount area, but if we could get some @NotFastEnuf canopies it would be sweet!


Uses 20kv 0703 motors from what I’ve read. They’re not available via any other route currently, so don’t kill them!

I want one.