Blade Torrent review vid w/nice flying


Not my video but I enjoyed watching this!


Yes, I enjoyed Kebab’s review too!

As usual, it looks like Blade/Horizon Hobby has been watching the market, and put something together that’s better than the sum of its parts. Reminds me of when Blade swooped in last year with the Indy FPV at $100. The Torrent is the same idea in brushless for $200. For somebody who doesn’t want to build anything themselves, i.e. is looking for BNF/RTF only, this seems like a no-brainer.

TLDR: About six months late. But good value and (much) better support than anything from Furious FPV or BangGood. It will sell like hotcakes. :wink:


I like the prop guards … look like they may attach under the motor… we might be able to re purpose those. The build weight is pretty heavy requiring 3s to really perform. I wonder where all the weight is??? Anyway, I think it’s progressive for them to come to market with 1104 7600kv running 3s… they are usually more conservative. If it were 90 or 100mm I’d be pre ordering. Nice to see blheli_s isn’t a requirement for a good flying craft. We so often get caught up in specs instead of good tuning practices. Anyone know what size 3s they use?


I think it’s 450maH…I have Gens Ace ones for my exploded Quattrovolante Q-Carbon 110, and that’s the sweet-spot for 3s at this size.

My poor Q-Carbon is so toast after the explosion into the tree (FC, at least 1 ESC) that I feel like it would be a total rebuild at this point for me…wish I could sell it for parts to pay for some of the Torrent…I’m a fan of Blade tuned products. :smiley:


I think I will just copy the build specs on a smaller frame and maybe add their ducts just for fun. Looks like I have a set of the new dys xsd 12a and some 7500 kv motors in my future. With a 50g 3s 450 battery, it should be possible to build to 90 grams all up instead of 85 dry weight. Blade products are indeed awesome, and I would go broke and have nothing to build and probably be a much better pilot (more flying less fixing) if I could just get on the BNF ( buy n fly) train. But then what would I do with my build bench…


Seeing this makes me happy. I can get my friend into this that’s for sure… he’s been looking at whoop options, when I show him this I’m sure he’d much rather have this even tho it’s almost 2 times as big as a whoop.

Me on the other hand would rather try and build a keni 97 that would smoke that thing and fly just As good if not better…(if you can’t tell I have a slight issue with HH and the mainstream companies lately lol)


I brought this up on the Tiny Whoop group…I still think if you are just getting into quads, the Tiny Whoop is a great learning tool…you literally learn “No Fear” with one and repairs are super cheap. Even learning on the 200QX with it’s AWESOME tune, it was very daunting as my 2nd real quad (Carbon H running 7mm was my first horrible build).

I totally think if someone got a Tiny Whoop TWR and got so good that it started limiting what they can do, the Torrent (or other brushless) is the next logical step.

Now, my 3rd real quad was the Q-Carbon…and I learned A LOT about tuning/brushless/flying…but it was an expensive learning curve. :stuck_out_tongue:


In the end it’s all about practice, practice, practice. No matter what quad you buy. That’s how you get “so good that it start[s] limiting what they can do,” as you say.

Unfortunately, too many people (me included :pensive:) buy and build too many quads, and end up not doing enough of the flying part. IMO, whether they start with an Indy FPV or a Torrent is secondary. How much they actually practice their flying will have a much bigger impact on their progress than their choice of quad.

PS: Of course, choice of quad does have an impact on how often people can fly. With an Indy FPV, you can practice inside your home all winter. For somebody lucky to have a nice yard in sunny California, I think they might as well go straight to the brushless Torrent (starting on 2S). :wink:


Guilty as charged… at least for now. My flying skills are improving, just more slowly than my soldering skills.

Now, if only I could ramp up my no-longer-producing-magic-smoke skills…


Very true…and although cathartic, I really am bummed if I’m building or fixing…I really just want to fly. Hell, I have some Dark Editions that JUST got delivered, and my first thought was…dammit…now I have to tear my Stingray apart to put them on. :stuck_out_tongue:

I hate tuning as well…and what’s great is that my Makerfire tune helped some very talented people tune it even better, and I benefitted from it. THAT IS RAD! :smiley:


Yeah, I think it’s awesome that you were able to dial in a tune that works so well for so many. I’m a little dismayed at how few tunes there are like that… unless I just don’t know of a magical place like that…?


The maker fire was a wonderful experience in just getting to fly and have it perform very well with that tune. There is really some great benefit to some of us for having similar crafts/builds so that we can all tune together and contribute towards a community flying experience so to speak. For others, having something totally unique is the cornerstone to the hobby. Personally I would like to participate in more group builds so that we all get to work together to push the envelope. This torrent will probably be another great example of a master tune being created and shared (probably already done by horizen - lol). There are just so many options out there now - it’s rare to end up on the same page as anyone else in a build (or buy) so we are so usually on our own to get it flying well.


LOL, @burtlo! You’ve been flying 50x more than me these last couple of months (and building more too). So you are well ahead of the curve! :smiley:

That’s the right attitude, @PJC! This way you build/repair mostly to keep you flying, which makes you a (much) better pilot. :smiley:

@NotFastEnuf: That’s exactly where the Blade Torrent comes in, too! Every single one of them will come off the assembly line with the exact same hardware configuration, and a perfectly refined Blade tune. :smiley:


@Brainstorm get your fly on! :slight_smile:


That video is a nice advertisement for blade.
Keep in mind that he’s flying on 3S - I’ve seen smaller machines on 2S perform similar to this (maybe not exactly like that, but really similar).

What I think of it? It’s priced OK for a BNF but it’s really going to print them some money, just look at that plastic camera mount thing - that’s made to break. :smiley: (
If you properly crash that thing into concrete - it will be gone, like most other machines.
For the price of it I would rather buy some fresh top of the line components and build another 95ish micro.

Since some of you guys seem to enjoy prop protectors - I don’t know how these compare to the Blade ones - but they are cheap (I didn’t try them, only wanted to point out the option - they look a bit heavy to me and unfortunately not in stock):


Just imagine how well a 3s machine would perform that weighs close to 40 grams less at that kv! Almost ordered up stuff last night to make a run at it but changed my mind last second to try the new eachine 1102. 11500kv motors instead for another 2s build. I want to wait on those new dys escs to hit the market first and not catch on fire for a few weeks anyway.


Just curious, what FC are you thinking here? Cause I’m researching a 2s build as well


On your advice, I’ll be starting 2 new identical builds soon based on the pico x clone that differ only in the motors so I can properly evaluate performance in comparison to each other.


I’m going with the femto - smaller than 20x20 stuff, held down by vhb tape. Hardware is really unnessary at these tiny sizes I think and 3m very high bond is just as light and probably stronger than nylon anyway. The femto is small enough to fit under a whoop canopy and with escs on the arms - should make for a very low profile build. The shape of the whoop canopy too will allow the largest possible props to swing into where a stack would otherwise be. I’ll post a build thread when I get started on it soon - everything is here to start the first one.


That sounds awesome
I should’ve clarified, my bad.
2S brushed