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Blade Inductrix FPV Pro


A bit late, but i just found out about the inductrix pro. Did somebody try it? I saw the video and was so disappointed… What a shame of improvement! They missed so many things!! And the only innovation is the frame… and not much of an innovation… is it any better? is it really more durable?

It should be great to hear some feedback from you… I don’t plan to spend 120$ (WOOOOOOOAAAAA) on something like that (i couldn’t even fly it because don’t have a compatible radio)

Oh, and they dare to charge 12$ for that “half canopy” WTF!!!


I haven’t actually tried it but there is nothing on it other than the frame to write home about. The PPM FC is the biggest disappointment.

That being said, I got my Furious AcroWhoop V2 DSMX up in the air today and it’s FANTASTIC! True DSMX, AND YOU CAN TELL IT!

I’m doing 716 with it and it is precise and wonderful. THE only BETAFLIGHT FC for whoops in the Spektrum world.


Thanks PCJ! Well, right now i have 3 cheap new FCs ordered, so no budget for new fcs right now… but i’ll consider the acrowhoop on a near future

I guess 716 is the way to go right now in tiny whoops, and i’m so happy with my e011 with insane mmw motors, but i have like 6 sets of 6mm motors that i have to use in some way…


I will have to look into that… my friend preordered the whoop pro, I’ll let you know how it goes.


Don’t buy that so called FPV Pro version.
I’m bummed and somehow angry HH sells sh… like that.
I just postet this on FB:

All I can say so far this FC is a big disappointment.
First rx is ppm not serial. That sucks.
Second it’s not possible to configure a securely working failsafe (quad should drop when loosing signal), at least for me. I almost had a flyaway. Lost signal and motors kept spinning (my bad, didn’t test failsafe on the bench). If it didn’t hit a tree and fell over I would have lost it. Motors kept spinning till signal was there again. That’s a major bummer. I will not fly that thing outdoors anymore.
This thing is the same unelaborated piece of sh… as the makerfire whoop fc.
C’mon Horizon Hobby, do your homework.
I payed a lot of money for that so called pro version of the inductrix.
After one motor died after just a few packs and HH isn’t responding to my ticket for weeks now I feel like I did a big mistake to purchase this product.
Anybody got failsafe working on that board?


Ok, next thing 'bout that FC.
HH advertise the FC as F3 board.
Who of you could spot a F3 chip?

PPM rx, motor failure, no working failsafe, false advertising. What’s next on the list?


@chrisdo my friend had just got his today… it flew alright but yes it did drop signal a few times and “freeze up” in mid air… especially towards the end of the battery.

also while binding (on PPM yuck) it said 11ms frame rate on the TX, but ended up binding with a 22ms frame rate? wth?

I agree with you… SCREW horizon hobby such a scam artist company…


Does anybody know where the boot pads are? New member trying to find them.


I got my son one for his birthday last week. I thought I had difficulty binding it to a DX5e in that to arm it, you hold the trainer switch in on the transmitter. The quad is not documented for this transmitter. If the throttle is over zero and you pull back the trainer switch, the props don’t spin. Bring the throttle to zero and you can take off. It’s a trainer for him. Let go of the switch and it falls out of the sky. That’s the only failsafe I can see with this rudimentary transmitter.

After about 2 minutes the throttle is in the upper range and control gets sluggish. I land it then. Heard that flight duration is realistically 2.5 min. Since I have no telemetry it’s a guess.

I’ll be watching to see what develops here.

It has two modes. The attitude mode is docile, in yaw especially. I can’t fly rate yet so I can only say the release of the trainer switch is a good bail mode. I did read that it comes with three modes. The DX5e isn’t accessing one of them. Outdoors in wind today bounced it around and made it kind of oscillate. Not a windy day machine. But I never heard they were. Camera worked well indoors. Did not try outside.


I got a pic where to find boot pads on this so called Pro (hahaha :clown_face:) FC.
Interesting thing: short after power up. And boot pad shorted to 4.2V pad not 3.3V as on other boards.
Had a conversation via Facebook and received confirmation that it worked.
I haven’t done this myself and wanna emphasise that it’s not my responsibility if this doesn’t work or anything gets damaged.

I’m still in investigation mode to find a solution to get failsafe working. Wish me luck.

New here. Just wanted to say Hello and Ask a Question

Good luck. Here is an outdoor flight. Vid drop probably because I never left the front porch except to retrieve the quad when it went upside down. Attitude mode. Took lots of stick to control. Gentle. Throttle at end of vid was up to the top.


Anybody have good luck using this Blade indutrix Pro FC for an after market whoop? Any disadvantages to this FC?

I’ve been dying to get into a whoop but can’t be because all of the dsmx dsm2 whoop FCs suck so far


I wouldn’t recommend this fc.
Read this thread and you‘ll know why.
PPM, F1 and not F3…

Btw. I finally got my failsafe working by using a friend dump. Haven’t found the difference to mine so I really don’t know what was the cause for my failsafe issues.


Thank you!!! case closed!!! Lol


It’s no good! I bought just the fc for custom whoop, actually a Boss 6 build, and had troubles every step of the way! First was my bad, I had the motors arranged like original Inductrix and that did weird stuff like on/off throttle with 3 second delayed
response before the motors would stop with stick or disarm switch. Same thing with motors in the correct positions, which prompted me to move it to a whoop frame for safer crashes. Then it would intermittently work fine for up to 30seconds of flying then the voltage would sag on punch out and it would stop responding to tx and W.O.T. fly away for about 3 seconds before smashing the ceiling or dropping out of the sky. The last time flying it was outside where it punched it’s self to around 40ft up and dropped on to some concrete. Ever since, the LEDs flash twice then four times rapidly over and over with all binding attempts failed. The local retailer suggests I contact horizon hobby, i just gave up and moved on the e011 board flashed with silverware and a Jumper t8sg transmitter


Goodness! I’m sorry to hear of that nightmare of an FC… someone really needs to get into the dsm2/dsmx game, and fast!


What about the dsmx version of the BetaFPV osd fc?


AlienWhoop with lemon dsmx rx flys pretty damn good too.


Aliens are not doubt the way to go! :smiley: Going to save the alien Series for when I get some hot air equipment in the future… Thanks for posting that link, I saw that and am so down with a Chief Scientist creation!


Got to say, I’ve had no problems with the Pro on my gen 1 DX8. Behaving as advertised.

But what board do I choose in Betaflight for FW upgrades? Some say it’s F1, Blade insist it’s F3, but that doesn’t help in Betaflight. Is it a Betaflight3 by any chance.?



Type version in cli and it’ll tell you what firmware is currently on it.