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Blade Inductrix FPV Pro


Blade finally made a DSMX Betaflight based FC Inductrix!


DSMX Betaflight FC
JST 1.25 Connector
FX 805 600 TVL 25MW AIO
NEW reinforced frame
19k motors

AUW with 200maH Blade battery: 25g (guessing it will be 19-20g without)

Inductrix Pro Arm Switch - Taranis X7 + OrangeRx

My initial thoughts:

The biggest news to me is not that it’s a Betaflight FC, but that there is FINALLY a REAL DSMX Betaflight Tiny Whoop FC! That’s a game changer as PPM is just garbage. :).

Now I do hope that the special sauce that is the infamous Blade Level mode from the other Indy’s is still intact. My Torrent definitely didn’t feel that way OOB in Angle, so let’s hope it’s kept here in the Indy. Having a 19k tuned OG Indy FC would have been perfect for me…it really is the best FC for racing and it’s only limit was not being able to go above 17-18k.

The new frame looks amazing, and is probably the biggest improvement in this design. The OG frame is still the best and with Welder, it is solid…oh, and it’s black…I dig that. It goes great with my #WhoopingIsNotACrime shirt I designed.

The camera case looks heavy and the design is blocky and looks unfinished it will be the 2nd thing I’ll change out if it weighs more than a gram. :slight_smile:

The first thing I’ll change is the pigtail…I do personally think people would have been fine with the swap-out to JST 2.0. I have a pile of 1.25’s sitting there and I’m fine with that. My HV 2.0’s are amazing and universally known to be the best performance and flight time improvement on our Whoops…easy enough change in a future revision.

That all being said, there is no reason NOT to get this if you are trying to get your #WhoopOn, and aren’t ready for the new 0716 revolution.…so great job guys! Not perfect, but on paper a solid 8/10!


My initial thoughts: Woah! HH is stepping far outside its comfort zone. :wink:

My second thought: Too bad they didn’t have the balls to step up to a JST-PH2.0 connector. That would have really shifted the market, in a good direction.

Pretty much everything else looks good to me. HH/Blade is starting to innovate almost as fast as the Chinese. :stuck_out_tongue:


Somebody made the suggestion to them to offer it with dual pigtails…not a horrible idea.


More news on the frame:

I bugged them on a post they had with a crappy Amazon scale that said 3g…so he went and got a more accurate scale:

3.337144 grams



That would certainly be an excellent way to smoothly transition their whole UMX and micro quad lineup from Molex PicoBlade to JST-PH2.0! Plus, I believe they’ve been using JST-PH on some of their more powerful micro helis for years already. (Thus the mCPX designation for JST-PH on the Hitec X4 Micro charger.)


Missed the live Facebook chat with the Blade team, but apparently they didn’t change the duct vane direction even though they defaulted to the standard Betaflight motor config…they looked a little “uh-oh” when someone asked about it, but then said “those vanes don’t really affect airflow”…which is against other interviews with the designers. :confused:


Screw it I want that FC. I NEED that FC… :slight_smile: thank you for posting this. You and jbfpv have now got me looking st 6mm motors again for a silent backyard ripper. This FC would be nice for reliable dsmx whoop FC!


I am hoping this FC is the test-bed for Benedikt to refine the 716 motors. This FC in the E011 frame and motors is going to be AWESOME!


dude, I hope so! 7mm ultralight whoop would be outstanding! We need this for the dsmx community so badly… and the woop scene would do so much better!!! Everyone would benefit!


To me that just highlights how crap a company they are, useless at listening to their customers, happy to sell as much as possible. I honestly don’t know why people still bother buying this stuff.


Because 80% of their potential customers only understand 20% of what’s going on. They haven’t admitted to it, but Blade must know about the issues with the power connector and the subpar performance of their “45C” batteries.
It so obvious, the impact is so dramatic, and the fix is so cheap, it’s a strange move to call this thing “Pro” and don’t address the power choke.

I really don’t want to buy one, but I think I have to bite the lemon and get two to let Dr. Whoop make the conversion and show the difference :wink:


Oooohhh… That will be a great video! I will happily share it everywhere. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


It’s on preorder as we speak… I may bite the bullet and get one, mainly for the FC… then to convert to dark… I just hope the preorder isnt like so in demand that i don’t get one on the first batch lol


Exactly! DSMX!! And I kinda want to see their tune on it…Hopefully it’s actually tuned, unlike the Torrent…those were just stock Betaflight settings…booooooo.


yeah that’s kind of wild, lol i thought it was “protuned” lol maybe i made that up in my mind… the torrent is already on back order through horizon hobby… i can only imagine how backed up the next big release of the indutrix fpv pro will be lol… Sadly I am not in the position to spend 120 and wait for an extended period of time, so i may have to pass on putting in a preorder… I will definitely just try to wait it out to see if i could buy the FC by itself, that would be financially more feasible for what i want to do (silent backyard ultralight ripper), probably will just be $50 for the FC… (if not, Im sure there will be a clone in the works lol) im excited for built in dsmx micro 6mm and 7mm setups though that’s for sure…


Looks like the tune might be a respectable one! Charlie247 just posted his Betaflight pages!





yup. i should have known better that horizon hobby wouldn’t spend the money to innovate something… They would rather just re-brand already existing technology and claim it to be proprietary and bank off of the hype they build for their products…

I’m done with that company. If it wasn’t for me already owning a dx6, and few RXs I’d be doing ZERO business with those scam artists. I started buying lemon rx because I hate shelling out so much money for horizon hobbies RXs (spektrum) They’ve screwed me over too many times to not say anything about how crappy their company is… The executives are sipping on pina coladas on the beach somewhere probably while their customers pull their hair out over their crappy customer service.

I’d rather give my money to the smaller companies instead of feeding this giant corporation that doesn’t deserve my hard earned dollars.


It is sad. Nobody on the team seems to REALLY know the Tiny Whoop crowd and where it’s going…

…and the money I spent “fixing” the Torrent 110…well, I could have put it together myself and don’t it right the first time…but the Torrent is flying good now. :stuck_out_tongue:

There is no reason to switch from my Makerfire FC, and honestly, if I had to do it again, I’d probably go FrSky and not wait for Blade and HH to disappoint me.