Blade Inductrix FPV PRO booboo


I bought an Inductrix FPV pro. I tried to switch out the battery connector, and accidentally got the wires switched. Saw the awesome smoke and spark. my question is, does anyone know how to fix this??



im so sorry to hear this… usually the magic smoke is not that easy to fix if you are new to technical repairs on circuit boards.

It requires you to identify the specific component on the board that let out the magic smoke, and then that specific component on the board must be replaced… Usually replacing the tiny components isn’t so much hard, but it definitely requires a few youtube videos and some time to really grasp the concept of how to repair a small circuit board like the ones we deal with. Also some decent soldering equipment, and possibly a hot air gun will be required to get the job done.

Me personally, I am clueless when it comes to identifying components because i am such a technical noobie. Also, I’m sure that i would probably mess up the board further by soldering in the wrong spot or something, ruining things even more lol. In this particular case i would find it easier to replace the board with a brand new board, and learn from my mistakes. Horizon Hobby should have replacement boards readily available that you can slap back into your whoop and get back to flying.

Maybe one of the more technically sound minds of the forum may have an easy solution for repair. For starters check out the board and try to see if you can identify the component that shorted out. Look for burn marks around the components… If you can post a really clear and precise close up picture of the board maybe someone can spot out the damage!

(P.S. - I have ruined SO many boards doing silly things… I’m also sure to say we ALL on this forum have been let down by the magic smoke at one point or another… Keep on trucking!)


Hey QuadlifePro,

Thanks for the reply… Yeah, it was a dumb mistake that I could have avoided if I had paid a bit more attention. ERGH. I am thinking I will probably just buy a new board. I did get to fly it for about 5 minutes before I decided to screw with it…lol. It flew great.
I also was able to bind it with the stock controller :blush:

Thanks again for the reply.


it happens :smiley:

no way, you were able to bind it to the stock controller for the original blade fpv whoop came with? if so thats unreal, and totally awesome!