Blade Inductrix 200 FC for custom brushless builds?

I actually really like how the Inductrix 200 flies, but HATE HATE that frame, so I was wondering, other than the Pheonix Flight Gear “Owl-like” frame, has anyone put together a more traditional frame with this FC? Seems like you could make a pretty small build since it’s a 3 in 1 FC.

Yeah, you can’t tweak the settings, but if I could get a robust frame and traditional props and have it fly like the 200qx or Inductrix 200, I’d be fine.

Anything is possible, but to my knowledge Usually the specs of the frame have to be very very similar to avoid any flight tune issues.

I wish i could put my a few stock FCs to use as well, but just can’t bring myself to spend the time/money to invest in something that may not work lol

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Yeah exactly! No way to alter the programming on the FC keeps you constrained to specific choices in frames and motors so the RTF stuff just don’t cut the mustard if you want a custom build.

i love RTF units for the soul fact you can pull them out of the box and just start ripping, maybe crash a few times and still keep on flying… Flying for the love of flight, and not worrying about any mechanical aspect of it.

I love the DIY because it really tunes you into how quadcopters work, but you barely get any flight time at first because you are spending days if not weeks learning how to build and fixing the DIY parts lmao

I say keep some RTF stock as is on hand for when none of the DIY is working. lol

Too late :wink: I have no RTF stuff except what has been dormant in my cabinet for over a year plus now. I will admidt though that I have an Nqx and it has been sidelined for about 8 months. I intended to do a 7mm FPV with that for indoors but discovered about 2 diodes too late that each motor socket has a very tiny diode in the circuit that is right where the socket mounts to the FC and had accidentally unsoldered 2 of them before I knew it had happened. The second one, I went to wipe the tip on the iron to clean it and saw a tiny speck on the end of the 1.5mm chisel tip I was using on my soldering iron. At first I thought it was some debris on the iron tip and then looking closer I could see it was not and it was actually a component from the board. At that point I realised I had already lifted one from the pads that got lost. I have a few donar boards here now and could fix this but it honestly is the bottom of the to do list. My problem is mostly not enough time and too many ideas. I like to fix things as much as I like to fly and living in Western Washington, 9 months out of the year is indoor flying only so my compulsion to fix and build can trump my flying time a lot. Today is the first sunny day we’ve had in about a week and that is always subject to change in about 5 minutes. I may need to get out some FPV builds and do a little videoing today. I am not against an RTF quad but it needs to meet the standards of a custom built for me to defer from the cutom builds before I would consider going back :wink:

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LOL I dont blame ya… Slowly my RTF is fading off my shelves as I hand things down to family members… it’s definitely a bummer on that lifted component! that would destroy me lol I’d be so frustrated I’d have to try to take a nap. lol It’s a good thing you like to fix things… I cant imagine only being able to fly for 3 months out of the year. lol I would go off my rocker! But seeing as how much time indoors you have, i don’t blame you for being a fixer! I live in FL, so I can usually fly at any time as long as it not raining, no matter what time of the year,which makes me incredibly spoiled… lol

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Having played with both Cleanflight based FC’s and Walkera and Blade FC’s, I can see benefits of both.

My Stingray 120 FPV is heavier and bigger than a NanoQX, but I used that FC on that build and it flies great on it with 8.5mm motors. It was SO easy to put together too, compared to a Cleanflight build. Pick a great frame, whack the FC on the frame, and literally plug the motors and camera in and start flying.

My Cleanflight based FC builds have that extra step of tuning that sometimes is a royal pain…TBH, especially depending on the FC. I know some of us love the building part, but I see it as a means to an end. :slight_smile:

The goal of using the Inductrix 200 FP is to have a super quick CF brushless build that can have that ease of my Stingray build and I can start flying faster instead of tweaking (as long as it has the same flight chars as it did before). I’m also thinking that since the FC is a 3-in-1, I can have a super clean and slightly smaller frame than the Inductrix 200.

Here’s the Phoenix Flight Gear frame, but I actually want to use different props too, and don’t want that cage style…

If I had one of these could I use a different FC with it?

Yep. The mounting may be a bit strange, but hot glue and/or 3d prints will fix it.