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Black Friday sales


Thanks for the great sale Benedikt!


Not gonna lie, pretty bummed I couldn’t grab anything. I blame my phone and my time zone… Far too busy to give this the proper attention it deserved.


Thanks for having this unique event. I managed to snap up a few items using my cell phone as I was at work and had no other options available. It went on longer than I’d imagined it would ever last, I figured people would only stick around a short while considering the events of the day, but to my surprise quite a few stuck it out to the end.

Charles in Chicago


Unfortunately I couldn’t grab anything - would for sure have taken some of those rusty CL-0820-15’s.
Additionally I don’t have a youtube/google account and don’t intent to setup one - locked me basically out from participating in the chat.

Well, someone here has to pay all your bills, right? :smiley:
I had the stream on while soldering some VTX stuff - if I noticed correctly there was one guy insanely going for everything he could get has hands on (frank?) - maybe not the greatest attitude - what about leaving the others something? hmm? :wink:


I was exaggerating a bit to pull Frank’s leg. Wasnt that bad :wink:


I myself probably got a little trigger happy as well.
As soon as these bad boys arrive, keep your heads up for some give away action.
Gotta spread the love!


Reviving a super old thread.

Anyone else participate in the Black Friday Raffle at MMW? Just wondering if anyone has received confirmation that they won. I find myself constantly checking the store to see if there’s a definitive “everybody who won has been notified” message. But it still has the “be patient while we draw the winners”

Just curious. I’d like to stop refreshing the page and constantly checking my email! I suppose this means I am NOT patient.


What raffle? :joy:


This one. Chance to win some insane 06-15 motors.


Anyone joined Tattu Cyber Monday Giveaway


Aw I’m too late…