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Black Friday sales


When will the Black Friday Sale be available ?


Is @Benedikt doing a Black Friday special?


Thinking about cleaning up and giving some stuff away :wink:


God bless you sir.:relaxed:


@Benedikt: that would be nice.
Just crashed my new Quattrovolante upside down and one motor is stuck, it’s still working, but not like it should. Used drilled hubsans with hub protector. But that’s just part of the game​:grin::money_mouth_face::face_with_head_bandage:
Hope you have to clean up your Micro MOTOR Warehouse😜
And thanx for this great platform, inspiration and feeding the addiction, even without black friday.


To see it on a Dark Youtube page, click here!

edit: and the teaser just finished uploading:


I think I could build a couple quads with this…


“Live Streaming ist wegen Rechteproblemen in Deutschland leider nicht möglich” :triumph::frowning:️:triumph::frowning:️:weary:
Instructions what to do?


ohh BIG MMW :open_mouth: mister benedikt thank you :wink:


Was soll das?
Versuch nen Proxy!


Klar😉. Geht.
Na dann bin ich mal gespannt.


This is gonna be fun. MMW is the bee’s knees.


Proxy works but the free ones are fucking slow. Lahmer Kack ^^


Well, we are going to stream in crappy 240p. So maybe it’s enough.
Try watching a 240p YT video and see if that plays properly!

Edit: also, try the direct YT-link (without “gaming”). It’s not black (boo!), but maybe it works at all: https://youtube.com/watch?v=41aSC977kKI


Direct youtube Link works. But that’s the teaser, like in your post above.
Checked a lot of proxies the last 2 hours, bu no luck with youtube 240p.
So ne Kacke😡


Ok. Now I can see the countdown if i click on the embeded livestream above.
Maybe Flundern a working Proxy.
Hope it will work, since I have to stay awake till 1 a.m. here in good ol’ Germany. No family turkey for me here, but some delicious beers.


@chrisdo and to everyone here in the MMC, Happy Thanksgiving! A lot to be thankful for this Holiday Season.:poultry_leg:


If anyone is interesting in having a lower latency for the micro motor warehouse black friday deals, check out:


Thanks for doing the stream Bendikt. Even though I was only able to grab a few random things, I had really good time watching. It’s like Christmas. You never know what you are going to get.


Glad you like it :wink:
I had some good fun too :smiley: