Black Fatshark batteries

I have problems charging my fatshark lipos:
I own a dominator v2 and a attitude v2 and both stock batteries only charge to 80% sometimes just 60%.

Has anyone experience similar problems.
How should I change these batteries?


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i have the dom v3s and my battery lasted 2 months before it started to do the same thing. now i use a 2200 2s pack thats useless for anything else… i can fly about 4 hours on a charge. i also just saw a 18650 battery pack for fatsharks i think it was 20 bucks. if you have any packs that wont fly just use them for now… save the money and buy some new flight batteries

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The standard 2 cell 1000mah black fat shark lipos suck serious @$$… I have had 2 of them for my attitude v2s, one of them just stopped taking a charge after so many charges and never had a properly balanced charged. Each cell was “fully charged” at 4.01-4.06v per cell… I discarded that one at my local battery disposable center. I am still using my second one though, but the same thing is starting to happen. The little black ring around the connector is also halfway broken, just as the first one did as well. Garbage cheap batteries that are overpriced.

There are other diy options like catfish mentioned though, i personally plan on trying this

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