Binding to my zero

I got the xm binded ti my qx7. I got the green led on solid. The blue led on the zero just keeps blinking. It won’t go solid. I checked all the Soldering and wires, all good . Please someone help. Thanks

The most common reason so far is having the tx set to TAER when it needs to be AETR, this leads to the wrong channel being picked up as throttle and therefore not allowing arming. Change in the radio to AETR and see if that helps.

There huge zero support community on the alienwhoop discord. If you don’t have it sorted already … head over there and the guys will all jump in to get you in the air!

Right on I’ll check it out . I think iam going to resolder the xm wires.

Dam I can’t find help any where. I tried discord Facebook here. I just want to fly . My go to whoop just puff smoke. Got two zeros and can’t get any of them to bind. Why can’t it be easy

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Can anyone see something wrong or what else it could be

The blue led blinks real fast

Got the same problem. Does anyone have solution? PLZ HELP