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Binding FS-i6 to OverSky SciSky Micro F3


Ahhh, ok. That explains why they didn’t catch it. I would assume that a business owner would want to avoid that sort of thing :wink: I also know how confusing it can be to navigate the wealth of knowledge that goes with all of this. I have bought many things that are tucked away in bins or cabinets because I didn’t know what I was buying wouldn’t work for what I thought :grin:


@Benedikt and @madman1412, our administrative assistant notified me we have the option to return the FS-i6 radios. I’m not sure how much longer that window will last, though. We purchased on October 28th, so I suspect the window is nigh.

What would be a better radio option for the SciSkys?


I sent Benedikt a message from two different messaging services. He usually is just waking up in about an hour from now. Hopefully he’ll see the messages and be able to get in here to reply. If he doesn’t show by later this afternoon I will try to get his attention again.


Thanks again for notifying me, Adam.
Working hard on a few projects, bringing the live stream to the next level, and looking after my son while the Misses is away… So a virtual assistant making me aware of things like this is gold :smiley:

@ctb0045: I think a sustainable radio choice is one that is not limited to one protocol. There are two types of multiprotocol radios in the market today: module-based and native multiprotocol-support. Im a big fan of the latter, but since that only became available over the last year, I have used a lot of module-based radios and a range of modules. FrSky makes the best module-based radios in my opinion. The budget version is the Taranis Q X7, its a great radio, I have used it a lot. The best module to fly DSM/DSMX modules is a Prikkel hack module. You need to take the Tx module from a Spektrum radio or module, and combine that with a DIY interface to connect it to the Taranis. Not easy, not cheap, but working great.
A more convenient and lower-cost option are the Jumper radios that became available over the last year. I didnt think much of it when I saw it online, but a good friend of mine said I HAVE to get one, so I did. And it was much better than I expected. Easier to use than OpenTX, a huge list of protocols, and very easy to copy model files. Made a whole bunch of videos and streams on the T8SGv2+, e.g. this one here:

After using this radio for a few months as my main driver, I decided to resell these radios in my projects and on the web shop.
Happy to get you a test unit so you can confirm it works for you as expected, and discuss educational pricing for box full of them. You can email us at support@mmw.rock, but please feel welcome to keep the general discussion going here for everyone to see!


My pleasure Benedikt. Always happy to help when I can and I know your a busy man with a flooded inbox of messages to reply to besides taking care of your own personal affairs :wink:


@Benedikt, that’s a great response and I certainly understand your suggestion for radios that support multiple protocols, and agree. Trying to persuade administrators may be difficult, but I’ve been known to move mountains before.

I’ll send an email and see what we can work out.

Thank you, both so much. I will definitely continue utilizing and promoting this community.


I completed a form, as the email address came back.

Thank you!